Which gemstone is right for me?
Considering their mysterious nature along with beauty and wide array of colors, gemstones are often an exciting purchase. There are many options on the internet for learning more about gemstones or for purchasing them.  However, not all online resources can be trusted and are knowledgeable enough.    
We offer an extensive selection of gems and minerals to choose from, regardless of whether you are buying one for astrological reasons for use as an ornament.
What are some tips for choosing a gemstone?
The value of a gemstone lies in choosing it carefully rather than merely wearing it. Throughout history, people have worn gemstones as astrological symbols and as jewelry. Jewelers' gemstone choices are based largely on appearance and durability; however, astrological gemstones are chosen according to more complex criteria.
A Kundli must be analyzed by an educated astronomer who utilizes astrology and is proficient in Kundli analysis for the right choice of gemstone. In turn, the right gemstone adjusts to the individual's body cycle and physiology, which leads to an improved psychological state and increased self-confidence. When making your decision, we recommend consulting an expert astrologer.
What should I be cautious of ?
When astrological reasons or jewelry purposes call for gemstones, they are important. Several fraudsters try to sell fake gems as genuine gems by using different tricks. It is, therefore, really important for the purchaser of gemstones to exercise extreme caution when purchasing them. However, it is always better to buy jewelry from trusted and credible dealers
The gems that we provide with lab reports and certificates are issued by prestigious laboratories such as IGI and GIA.
What is the proper way to wear a gemstone?
Jewelry designed with gemstones can be the most effective way to wear them. To ensure maximum positive results and maintain a gem's quality for a longer time, selecting the right metal and jewelry setting that complements the gem's physical and astrological attributes is crucial. Generally, according to Vedic norms, the materials and jewelry designs for astrological gemstones should be chosen according to those norms.
Traditionally, each planet has its metal, in which its gemstones provide fruitful results. Make sure the bottom tip is always in contact with your skin, regardless of whether the Gemstone is placed as a pendant or a ring.
Regular purifications are also required for gemstones and should be done every other time you wear them. A Gemstone can be purified using Ganga Jal or raw cow's milk. Then, dip your Gemstone three times in the bowl (half cup) of either of the liquids. The mantra should be repeated 108 times while dipping.
Each person's mantra for purification is different and is determined by their birthstone and birth star. The right Vedic method must be followed by those who worship pooja rituals to wear gemstones (Ratna Dharan Karne Ki Vidhi) to gain maximum benefits.

How do I decide where to buy it?
The purchasing of a gemstone involves numerous factors. It is possible to prevent buying unauthentic gemstones at unfair prices if you are aware of these factors that affect gemstone quality and price. The reason it is so important to understand how minor differences in quality, size, or origin can affect the price of a gemstone is that these variances can have a large impact.
When buying a gemstone, you should consider the 4 C's of color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. Additionally, it is crucial to ensure that gemstones are 100% natural and untreated, as well as purchased from a reputable country of origin according to astrological principles.
Zodiac Gems inspects every gemstone carefully by experienced gemstone experts. Our website guarantees the quality of the gemstones and their authenticity, therefore.