Yellow Fluorite

Yellow fluorite is a radiant yellow colored gemstone of the Halide mineral family. It is recognised as a highly effective healing gemstone worn to gain success in creative & intellectual pursuits, mental relaxation and good physical health.

Yellow fluorite is a soft gemstone by nature which is thought to soften strong emotions like anger, regret and desperation. Due to its easy availability and affordable prices, anyone can wear this gemstone and enjoy its benefits. But it is always important to understand the Yellow Fluorite meaning, its properties and uses before wearing it.

Rejuvenations Health – Yellow fluorite is said to have cell regeneration power. It is believed that wearing Yellow Fluorite stone benefits the individuals with liver-related disorders, regulates the cholesterol level and improves the condition of kidneys and spleen. Yellow Fluorite also helps the wearer to maintain bone, teeth and skin health.

Supports Alternate Healing – In Alternate healing therapies, Yellow fluorite gemstone is known to rule the Root Chakra in a person’s body. Wearing this gemstone activates the Solar Plexus and improves concentration power, social understanding and meditative abilities, helping the wearer to behold their opinion and materialise their goals. It promotes team spirit and is especially helpful for cooperative endeavours.

Promotes Intellectual Abilities – The bright and vibrant Yellow Fluorite gem symbolises positivity and growth. This gemstone quite helpful for individuals who want to enhance their creativity and intellectual pursuits.

Brings Mental Peace – It is believed that Fluorite gemstones bear some mystical grounding energies that help people stay calm and stable. It promotes psychic healing and supports the wearer to overcome negative thoughts. It is also regarded as a powerful aid for meditation practices.

In India, the price of Yellow Fluorite ranges between Rs 250 per carat ($4 approx.) to Rs 1,000 per carat ($15 approx.) . The variation in demand/supply cycle may bring a difference in Yellow Fluorite stone prices in other countries like the United States, UAE or UK etc.

Color – The intense yellow or deep golden yellow fluorites appear quite attractive and therefore fetches a good amount. Yellow fluorite cost often drops for stones that come with brownish or black color traces and excessively washed-out yellow color.

Clarity – Inclusions like black mineral spots, internal fractures and triangular inclusions lessen the value of Yellow fluorite. Generally, more visible the inclusions, higher is its impact on the Yellow Fluorite market worth.

Cut – Yellow fluorite is a soft gemstone but bears a good fluorescence (glow). It is carefully faceted to enhance its overall brilliance and inflate its value. In the market, round and oval stones are easily available and are more affordable than the stones in highly customized shape or cut (heart, marquise, princess cut, cushion cut). Yellow fluorite cabochon can be a good alternative for people looking for a cheaper option.

Carat weight – Yellow fluorite price per carat doesn’t increase significantly rather linearly with size because of its abundance in nature and relatively less demand in the international gemstone markets.

Origin – Due to its superior color, clarity and size, Yellow fluorite specimens from Tanzania, Morocco and China usually draw a higher value from the market in comparison to other origins.

Yellow Fluorite gemstone comes in different quality grades. Therefore, certain factors such as origin color, clarity, cut are examined carefully to choose the best quality Yellow fluorite gemstone within the considered budget.

Origin – The natural Yellow fluorite rough stone comes from many countries including Argentina, Austria, Canada, China, England, France, Mexico, Morocco, Myanmar, Russia, Spain, Germany, Namibia, US and Switzerland etc. However, the mines of Tanzania, Morocco and China produce some of the best quality Yellow Fluorite stones in the world.

Color – Yellow fluorite color ranges from light yellow to bright golden and deep honey color. The canary yellow fluorite (named after a yellow colored bird – canary) and golden fluorite are highly admired for their astonishing beauty. In contrast, Yellow fluorite crystals with significant black and brown traces are considered relatively less valuable.

Clarity – Yellow fluorite gemstones are known for containing triangular two-phase inclusions – mineral crystal, healed fractures and color zoning, found more or less in almost all origins. An eye clean Yellow fluorite with brilliant-golden yellow hue and good transparency is hard to find and thus is relatively more valuable.

Cut – High-quality specimens of Yellow fluorite make attractive faceted stones. However, this mineral is soft and fragile and therefore it is rarely found in a highly customized cut. It is comfortably available in round, oval and polished cabochon (non-faceted, polished gem) shape. Highly included, lower quality pieces are often used for making beads and crystal spheres.

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