White Topaz

White Topaz is a semi-precious transparent gemstone. It is often mistaken for Diamond because of its radiant and luminous luster. It is also referred to as Clear Topaz and Silver Topaz. It is an excellent stone for meditation and has healing properties.

White Topaz is a strong gemstone and can shower one with good and positive benefits. When used while meditation, it can open the chakras and supply positive energies. It is said to provide immense happiness and relaxation. The vibration of the White Topaz stone aids manifestation so that one can achieve the desires. Other benefits of the stone are listed below:

Medical Benefit : White Topaz can help in various health issues. It is beneficial for skin related issues and it is believed that the stone strengthens the nails and hairs. White Topaz is a strong gem for healing joint pains, constipation and it also improves poor immune system. People suffering from asthma and issues related to the throat can get positive results from White Topaz gemstone.
Personal and Professional well-being : The positive energies of White Topaz gemstone will help to clear your vision and encourage you to take the right decision on the personal and professional front. The stone will open your mind and boost the inner creativity. It will eliminate all the negative thoughts and fill in the positive thoughts. For couples, the White Topaz gemstone will work wonders as it is the symbol of love, happiness, and hope.

White Topaz value depends mostly on its color and weight of the gemstone. The color has significantly more effect on the White Topaz price. Generally, the price lies between ₹ 250 per carat to ₹ 1,000 per carat in India.

Color : Topaz is available in different varieties of color ranging from white (colorless), blue, orange, pale pink, deep pink or red. Colorless Topaz is the most common Topaz gemstone and it doesn’t carry as high value as others.
Size : The size of the colorless Topaz doesn’t affect the value of the Topaz much as it is the most common one. Its price will remain comparatively lower than others. The price will gradually increase with the increase in the carat weight of the gemstone. The bigger the stone, the more expensive it will be.

It is important to clean your gemstone regularly in order to avoid it from the residue’s deposits. You can soak the gemstone in the solution of a cleaning agent for about 20 to 30 minutes. After that, gently remove the particles with the help of a soft brush from the jewelry. After the cleaning, use a towel or dry cloth to wipe out the excess water from the jewelry. Once fully dry, store the jewelry in a box.
Diamonds are very well known for their brilliance and shine. They are highly scratch resistant and durable while a Topaz is not hard as diamond and can acquire scratch and can become dull over the period. White Topaz acquire 8 on the Mohs scale while Diamond has a hardness level of 10. It clearly states that Diamonds are more durable than White Topaz. Inclusions are present in Diamond as well as in White Topaz. White Topaz clarity is also very known. So, clarity wise both are on the same platform, it's just a matter of choice if you want to go with the gemstone with inclusions.
Silver Topaz and Clear Topaz are the two common names for White Topaz.
The price of the White Topaz declines with the increase in size which is a totally different case for other gemstones. White Topaz with bigger size stone has more inclusions present in it which decrease its value even more. Also, White Topaz are common and easily available as compared to other colored Topaz which makes it cheaper than other variety of Topaz.

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