White Coral

White Coral is a semi-precious, white colored organic gemstone formed in the deep ocean by marine creatures called Coral Polyps. It is a well-recognized gemstone in vedic astrology and worn for financial success, mental peace, strong will power and healthy progeny.

Also known as ‘Shwet Praval’ in Sanskrit, white Munga gemstone is regarded as a highly beneficial rashi ratan. As per sacred vedas, Safed Moonga gemstone is quite effective for natives who are under the influence of weak Mars. In medical astrology, white coral is known to be extremely beneficial in strengthening wearer’s immunity and restoring peace of mind.

Promotes Financial Stability – It is believed that wearing white coral stone benefits people dealing with financial problems. The positive energy of Safed Moonga benefits individuals to overcome the financial crisis by bringing new opportunities.

Controls Anger & Strengthens Determination – Regarded as the stone of wisdom, White Moonga gemstone benefits people who find it difficult to control their temper and negative emotions. It helps liberate the negative energies from the body, and restores calmness and inner peace.

Cures Respiratory & Blood related Ailments – White Moonga benefits surpass every other gemstone when it comes to improving the wearer’s circulatory and respiratory health. Certain Ayurvedic texts also recommend Safed Moonga to people suffering from blood related disorders, jaundice, bronchitis, asthma etc.

Bestows Progeny Bliss - In alternate healing therapies, it is believed that white coral benefits pregnant women by bestowing positive energies and thereby by helping reduce their emotional stress This gemstone can also be worn by the infants suffering from malnourishment or poor appetite.

White Coral Price is determined by assessing its origin, color, shape, clarity and carat weight. Safed Moonga price in India ranges from ₹ 250 per carat ($3 approx) and can reach up to ₹400 per carat ($6 approx) depending upon its quality.

Origin – Safed Munga gemstones from Italy and Japan demand the highest Safed Moonga price due to their fine color. Munga stone from other origins like India, Africa and United States is considered an affordable choice for jewelry purpose.

Color – A flawless, natural, white colored Moonga gemstone is considered more valuable in the market due to its high demand. Safed Moonga price often drops for stones in dull, off-white or pinkish-white color tone.

Shape – Being an organic gemstone, white coral is more prone to damage and can crack from pressure. It is generally sold as cabochon (polished non-faceted stone) gemstone in round, oval, capsule and triangular shapes. Triangular gemstones are comparatively more expensive due to their low availability.

Clarity – Being an opaque gemstone, clarity of white coral is defined by its surface texture and overall brightness. White Moonga prices increase for well-polished, spotless, and lustrous white coral. Safed Moonga prices shift downward if they contain blemishes, spots and pits.

Carat Weight – White Corals are rarely available in large sizes. Therefore, a smooth, spotless white coral weighing above a few carats is priced in relevance to its rarity.

Treatment – Quite often, lower quality white corals are treated to enhance their color and durability. These synthetic or lab-created white coral stones are thus available at cheaper prices. Always remember, a natural white coral value is higher than of treated or synthetic ones.

People usually buy White Coral for astrological and healing purposes. Therefore, it is very important to purchase good quality, original Munga ratan to gain its maximum benefits. The best quality White Coral gemstone usually comes from a reputed origin and exhibits bright white color with spotless, smooth, and shiny surfaces. Therefore, origin, color, and clarity are to be given due importance to analyze the quality of a white coral gemstone.

Origin – Corals are found in Italy, Japan, Australia, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Algeria, Africa and United States. Italian white coral continues to be the most popular variety followed by Japanese ones. White coral gems of other origins are slightly lower in quality, and therefore are considered more suitable for ornamental purposes.

Color – White Moonga gems come in bright pure white to dull off-white color tones. A bright, white Moonga is the most desirable variety. Stones containing pinkish or creamish shades over white body color are of slightly lower quality.

Clarity– Being an opaque gemstone, clarity in white coral is determined by its texture, surface marking and overall luster. Inclusions in white coral may occur as black spots, blemishes, groove pits etc. A good quality white coral is lustrous, smooth and as spotless as possible.

No. It is always better to wear original red coral gemstone if it is recommended by the astrologer. Although, both the gemstones are common in origin and belong to the planet Mars but their astrological contributions are substantially different. Being a responsible seller, GemPundit always suggests our customers to consult an astrologer before wearing Munga gemstone. Our in-house team of astrologers can guide in detail on how to gain Safed Moonga benefits in the most efficient way.
As per vedic standards, one should always wear a high quality, natural white coral with no eye visible spots or color tints. Italian white coral (also known as Sardinian coral) is generally of superior quality, therefore, will be an ideal choice for buyers. Japanese white coral can be the next most preferred choice. It is always advisable to ask for a lab certificate to ensure the quality of a gemstone. Explore our wide range of high quality, original white coral sale at most reasonable prices.
‘Tuesday’ is the day of planet Mars as per sacred vedas. Therefore, astrologers always recommend to wear Safed Moonga ratan on Tuesday morning during sunrise (ideally during the Shukla Paksha). It should be preferably worn after following the pooja rituals and reciting the holy mantras to gain maximum benefits.
No! The shape of gemstone bears no effect on its astrological value. Red Coral astrological benefits depend on the weight and collective quality of the gemstone. Triangular Red Coral or ‘Tikona Lal Safed Moonga’ is more of a fashionable statement than astrological preference and is usually sought for jewelry purposes.

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