Watermalon Tourmaline

Among Tourmalines, Watermalon Tourmaline is a rare variety. Its color combination is closely associated with the fruit of the same name, giving it the name Watermelon Tourmaline. The ‘bicolor’ tourmaline is usually worn as a healing crystal or as a jewelry gemstone. Wearing it brings joy, prosperity, and health to the wearer. 


·         Watermalon Tourmaline stimulates the regeneration of nerve cells.

·         Patients suffering from paralysis, sclerosis, etc. greatly benefit from this gemstone.

·         The immune system is boosted by wearing it.

·         Furthermore, the gemstone maintains the body’s metabolism and heart health.



·         It encourages creativity and improves thinking skills.

·         Wearing it helps you maintain a disciplined approach to life.

·         It encourages creativity and improves thinking skills.

·         It brings inspiration to the wearer’s life.


·         It is an effective gemstone when resolving disputes and enhancing relations between partners.

·         The gemstone removes negativity from the wearer’s life.

·         Watermelon Tourmaline brings love, compassion, and understanding to the relationship.

·         In addition, it dispels the feeling of victimhood with its soothing energies.



·         The heart chakra is connected to it, and it is said to calm emotions and reduce hyperactivity.

·         The wearer also benefits from it on a spiritual level. 

There are several factors that affect the price of Watermalon Tourmaline, including its origin, color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. In India, the price per carat ranges from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 50000 per carat.


Watermalon Tourmalines vary in price depending on origin if the quality is exceptional, but Brazilian Watermalon Tourmalines are extremely expensive because they have excellent color saturation and transparency.


Jewelry collections can be enriched with a piece of Watermalon Tourmaline. It stands out because of its unique color zoning. It is likely that a gemstone with high quality and vivid color (red or pink with green) will be more valuable. The market offers Watermalon Tourmalines that have light shades at remarkably low prices.


Natural inclusions commonly occur in Watermalon tourmalines, and those with few or no inclusions are rare and highly valued in the market.


Normally, Watermalon Tourmalines are shaped into rectangular shapes because cutting them parallel minimizes wastage. Custom-shaped Watermelon Tourmalines is more expensive due to the loss incurred during the cutting process.

 Carat Weight-

Watermalon Tourmaline of low-medium quality may experience linear changes in per-carat value, while the price increases exponentially with size when they are of premium quality

The quality of Watermalon Tourmaline is greatly determined by its origin, color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. The following factors should be considered before purchasing this gemstone.


Watermalon Tourmaline is found in-








Sri Lanka


Watermalon Tourmalines from Brazil are highly desirable as they have clear and vibrant colors and they are renowned as gem-quality.



A bi-colored Watermalon Tourmaline features a pinkish-red interior and green exterior, giving them the appearance of  watermalon. Natural Watermelon Tourmalines in lighter shades of pink and green are common instead of the bright colors that are rare and highly valued. 



Clarity standards classify Watermelon Tourmalines gemstones as Type 2. A significant impact of inclusions location and volume is observed on the quality of the gemstone. In addition to color zoning, watermelon Tourmaline may exhibit gas-filled fractures, gas inclusions, and other visible inclusions.  


Watermelon Tourmalines are cut in such a way as to display the best color and transparency without losing substantial weight. It is common to cut them as rectangular, slice, and cabochons as these cuts are highly preferred in the market. 

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