Tanzanite is a violet-blue colored gemstone of the Zoisite mineral family, found only in Tanzania. It exhibits a unique phenomenon called Pleochroism in which Tanzanite displays different color (blue, violet and purple) when viewed from different angles. This gemstone is highly popular in jewelry segment and is also worn as December Birthstone.

Tanzanite’s beauty has a deep and lasting effect, but its metaphysical significance is no less. Attributed with the quality of bestowing good luck and prosperity, Tanzanite holds a significant place in western astrology. It is said that Tanzanite metaphysical and healing properties benefit the wearer in gaining a complete spiritual, physical and mental well-being. This gemstone is also adopted as December birthstone by the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA).

Promotes Spiritual Growth – As per the western astrology, the positive energies of Tanzanite gemstone stimulate the wearer’s thinking ability, promote calmness and support meditation practices. It is believed that wearing Tanzanite benefits people in gaining spiritual knowledge and mental peace.

Improves Intuition Level – As per the beliefs, Tanzanite positively effects the various body chakras and awakens the intuition power of the wearer. It further helps in improving the wearer’s mental, emotional and spiritual intelligence.

Stimulates Physical Healing – Wearing Tanzanite gemstone benefits the individual by boosting the immune system, detoxifying the blood and promoting cell growth. It is also believed that Tanzanite healing properties provide protection against harmful addictions, allergies and medicinal side-effects.

Tanzanite value is primarily determined by examining its Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight. In last few decades, Tanzanite international demand has increased tremendously due to the extensive marketing of Tiffany in New York. The growing demand and less supply have also created a hike in tanzanite wholesale value as well.
It is always advised to buy tanzanite online only from trusted gem dealers and stores to ensure good quality and fair prices. Tanzanite price in India varies from Rs 1,200 per carat ($20 approx.) and can reach up to Rs 30,000 per carat ($460 approx.) depending upon its quality, rarity and demand. Price in other countries like the United States or Dubai may vary.

Color – Cost of Tanzanite per carat is decided almost entirely by its color. Therefore, even a slight change in color creates a big difference on Tanzanite gemstone price. Vivid bright, tanzanite blue stone always commands the highest price. Too pale or too dark stones are comparatively cheaper. One should always look carefully for color zoning (uneven distribution of color) as it lowers Tanzanite color value, marginally.

Clarity – Tanzanite is a Type I gemstone which means these stones are generally clean and free from eye visible inclusions. Tanzanite gem with vitreous luster and high clarity always fetches a premium. On the other hand, a highly included Tanzanite stone value decreases steeply and are often sold at discounted prices.
Cut – Cut also has a significant bearing on the Tanzanite price per carat. Highly customised cut such as square cut, princess cut and trillion cut often commands a higher premium. This is because these cutting styles cause more wastage of Tanzanite raw stone. Tanzanite cost is slightly less for stone oval or round shape.

Carat weight – In tanzanite, quality overrules the size. Therefore, a fine quality Tanzanite even in small size fetches a good value. Since this gemstone is majorly used for jewelry purposes, large tanzanite crystals are less in demand. This is the reason why Tanzanite price per gram doesn’t rise tremendously with the increase in weight.

Understanding the minor differences in Tanzanite quality factors (like origin, color, clarity, cut) is not easy for the untrained eyes. At GemPundit, we believe in providing a beforehand knowledge about Tanzanite properties and quality factors to make their shopping easier.
In gem trade, dealers use trade terms like AAA, AA and A to define finest, moderate and average quality tanzanite stones. But Buyers Beware! Some fraudulent sellers use terms like AAAA or AAAAA to mislead the customers. It is always advisable to buy only AAA tanzanite loose stones to get the best value for money.

Color – Most of the loose Tanzanite gems are either Blue-violet Tanzanite (bV – when blue dominates violet hue) and Violet-blue Tanzanite (vB - when violet dominates blue hue). The best quality natural Tanzanite displays evenly distributed bright blue hue. It is important to ensure that the Tanzanite is neither too light that it water downs the color nor too dark that it appears black in poor lighting.
Clarity – The top-quality Tanzanite crystals are either absolutely or nearly free from eye visible inclusions. However, some Tanzanites may contain visible flaws in the form crystals, feathers or needles inclusions. The presence of inclusions in higher quality often degrades the transparency and beauty of this gemstone.
Origin – Tanzanite mineral was discovered in 1969 by Manuel D’souza in the Mirerani Hills of Manyara Region in Northern Tanzania. These tanzanite mines stretch over an area of 4-5 km near the City of Arusha and Mount Kilimanjaro. According to some gemmologist, this is the only known source till date. They also predicted the forthcoming Tanzanite rarity in next 10 to 20 years. In Tanzania, Tanzanite mines are split into four blocks – A, B, C and D. Since, forest fires are common in D-block mining region, Tanzanite rock from D-Block is naturally heated. It sources the best quality tanzanite in brilliant blue hue.
Cut – A masterfully faceted Tanzanite appears brighter, clearer and more lustrous. Due to the sufficient availability of large size tanzanite rough, this gemstone can be found in all traditional shapes (Oval tanzanite, Round tanzanite, Pear shaped tanzanite and Heart shaped tanzanite) as well as fancy cuts (Trillion cut tanzanite, Princess cut tanzanite, Cushion cut tanzanite). Highly included raw Tanzanite crystals are often polished and shaped as cabochons (smooth, non-faceted stones) and are cheaper than faceted stones.

Other Varieties – In rare cases, zoisite mineral is also found in pink, yellow, black, white, red, orange, brown, purple, green and in bi-color as well. The trusted gem institutions like GIA, GRS and IGI consider these colored varieties as Zoisite. However, gem traders often refer them with fancy trade names like Green Tanzanite, Yellow Tanzanite, Red Tanzanite, White Tanzanite, Black Tanzanite, Orange Tanzanite, Brown Tanzanite, Purple Tanzanite, Bi colour Tanzanite and natural Pink Tanzanite etc. to inflate their market prices.

Tanzanite is a violet-blue colored gemstone of the Zoisite mineral family. Rough Tanzanite is extremely limited in nature and is found only in Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa. Tanzanite meaning is closely associated with its soul origin ‘Tanzania’. Due to its brilliant blue hue, high transparency and rarity, this gemstone has gained huge popularity globally in a very short time span.
Tanzanite hardness ranges from 6 to 6.5 on Mohs scale and is scratch resistant enough to be used in jewelry. These days, Tanzanite is extensively used for making expensive gemstone jewelry.
Tanzanite market price depends on the depth of color and size. Best quality tanzanite contains vivid blue hue, high transparency and minimum eye visible inclusions and draws a good premium. Generally, the deep blue tanzanite gem prices range approximately from Rs 10,000 ($155 approx) per carat to Rs 30,000 ($450 approx) per carat. On the other hand, commercial grade light blue tanzanite may be found quite inexpensively for Rs 1,000 per carat ($15) to ($150) per carat in smaller sizes. Other factors like Cut, Clarity, Carat weight and the current supply/demand cycle also bear an influence over Tanzanite gemstone prices.
Quality of a Tanzanite depends upon its color, clarity and cut. A skilfully faceted, deep blue Tanzanite with high transparency and luster is considered best in terms of quality. However, owning a Tanzanite in any shade is a privilege as each shade depicts its own beauty when customised in jewelry. Read our notes on Tanzanite Quality and Tanzanite Price for in-depth knowledge. We always recommend customers to buy certified tanzanite gemstone online to ensure the quality and authenticity of the product.

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