Swiss Blue Topaz

Swiss blue topaz is an expectionally bright, vivid blue color variety of the Topaz gemstone. Its unique blue color tone and brilliant luster differentiate this gemstone from other color varieties of Blue topaz. It is often worn as December month birthstone and is customised to make wonderful jewelry pieces.

Swiss blue topaz is amongst the three popular color varieties of the Blue topaz gemstone, accompanied by the lighter Sky blue and the deeper London blue topaz. The unique color tones found within Swiss blue topaz gives a unique meaning to this gemstone. With its divine beauty, this stone had managed to earn a great popularity amongst the popular jewelry designs.

Western astrology recommends Swiss blue topaz birthstone for Virgo sign. It is also regarded as the 9th and 14th anniversary gemstone and is, of course, a unique gifting idea for the couple.

Like we said, the popularity of Swiss blue topaz gemstone is also increasing in the jewelry segment. It adds a sophisticated appeal to the jewelry pieces and glams up the personality of the wearer. The gemstone is quite durable and offers great resistance to normal wear and tear. Therefore, it can be worn in daily wear jewelry without any worries.

Swiss Blue topaz can be an option for people looking for an affordable substitute of precious Blue Sapphires. However, other substitutes like Iolite and Amethyst are always considered more effective for astrological purposes.

Natural Swiss blue topaz value will vary depending on the size and quality of a gemstone. When it was first introduced in the market, Swiss blue topaz loose stones were sold a high price. But the invention of improved irradiation process led to the huge drop in their wholesale prices.

Note - Currently, the natural Swiss blue topaz price per carat in India can range from Rs 400 per carat ($6 approx.) to Rs 600 per carat ($10 approx.) and up. Its prices in other countries like UK, USA and UAE may vary depending upon the difference in supply-demand equation.
Color – The beauty of a Swiss blue topaz gemstone lies in its stunning bright blue color which reminds color of the sea. These gems are highly sought after and prized for their calming hue. So, as a rule, the brighter and more vivid is the color of Swiss blue topaz, higher will be its cost.

Clarity– Always remember, clean blue topaz - Swiss blue or in any other shade is highly desirable and more valuable than the gems containing spots, blemishes and internal flaws. Since the Swiss blue topaz stone price is highly affordable, there is no need to compromise on the clarity factor while making a choice.

Cut – In the market, the loose Swiss blue topaz is more common in oval, round and pear shape that enhances the beauty without causing any major weight loss in the cutting process. Therefore, the pear shape Swiss blue topaz gemstone and oval Swiss blue topaz prices are comparatively less than highly faceted customised shapes like heart, triangle etc.

Carat weight – Despite its immense popularity, Swiss blue topaz value per carat increases linearly with size. It is because of the sufficient availability of gem quality Swiss blue topaz in the market. However, the bigger size Swiss topaz in brighter color and unique shapes may demand a cost for its uniqueness and rarity.

To help in finding the best quality Swiss Blue Topaz gemstone, we have provided below a list of important quality factors that one should tick-off in their bucket list before making a purchase.

Color – The finest quality Swiss blue topaz displays a richly saturated, bright and vivid blue color in the medium tone. Depending upon the intensity of color, the Swiss blue is further categorised in different eye-pleasing shades such as Baby Swiss blue topaz (rich sky blue), Super Swiss blue topaz (Intense Neon blue) etc.

Clarity – Most of the Swiss blue topaz available in the market are typically eye clean and free from visible flaws. Like other gemstones, the quality often decreases with the increase in number of visible features like 2 phase inclusions, minerals crystals etc. at notable locations.

Cut– The cutting and polishing style influence the beauty and quality of this gorgeous blue gemstone. An excellent cut, perfect symmetry and good polish enhance the color and luster of the Swiss blue topaz gemstones. An unskilfully faceted Swiss blue topaz may end up losing its charming color and overall quality.

Origin – According to the sources, Brazil and Sri Lanka mines are counted amongst the leading suppliers of blue topaz with good clarity and bigger size. Blue topaz from Brazil and other major mining locations are often irradiated at different levels to obtain unique and valuable shades of blue.

Swiss blue topaz is an exceptionally beautiful medium blue color variety of Topaz gemstone. It is worn internationally as a highly durable and equally affordable jewelry gemstone. In western astrology, Swiss blue topaz birthstone is considered quite auspicious for people born in the month of December. Its charming blue hue has fascinated people worldwide. These days, it has become a popular choice for engagement rings and wedding bands.

So, if you are looking for a top quality Swiss blue topaz for your collection, Zodiacgems can a preferred destination for you. We have a rich inventory of genuine Swiss blue topaz gemstone in interesting shapes and cuts which we can customise for you in a beautiful ring, pendant and bracelet.
Indian astrologers connect Swiss blue topaz with the karmic planet Saturn due to its calming blue color tone. So, it can be worn as the astrological substitute of the highly precious natural Blue Sapphire gemstone. It is believed that the soothing energies of Topaz gemstone benefit the wearer by promoting financial and professional growth. It also helps to cure ailments related to bone, hair and teeth.

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