Star Ruby

Star Ruby is a rare and natural variety of ruby gemstone that exhibits a star-like visual effect (called Asterism) when seen under single light source. It is regarded as a strong healing gemstone and worn to reduce stress, gain inner peace and maintain physical health.
Star Ruby is an effective healing gemstone, primarily worn for physical and mental well-being.
Unlike ruby, this gemstone can be worn by anyone to improve internal strength, de-stress mind and ward-off tension.
As per Vedic astrology, star ruby represents planet Sun. This strong planet is also known as Atma-karaka (Bringer of Health and Energy). Therefore, star ruby gemstone is considered highly effective for people suffering from severe health issues, especially, heart related disorders.

Star ruby meaning Suryakant Mani in Hindi, represents the powerful planet Sun and hence is believed to have metaphysical properties similar to the astrological properties of a natural ruby gemstone. However, due to low transparency Star ruby is preferred more for its healing properties than astrologically.

Brings Positivity & Self Confidence- The metaphysical properties of Star Ruby are deeply trusted by Indian as well as western astrologers. Since ancient times, this gemstone is said to stimulate wisdom, strengthen motivation and thought process of the wearer. Therefore, people struggling with low self-esteem and decision-making abilities can benefit immensely by wearing this gemstone.

Cures Depression and Sleep Disorders- As per medical astrology, wearing a star ruby gemstone benefits individual by soothing tensed nerves and restoring calmness. Therefore, this gemstone is considered highly effective for people dealing with insomnia, anxiety, fear or depression.

Improves Physical & Mental Health- According to an ancient belief, wearing a Star ruby stone provides protection against sudden psychic attacks and physical traumas. Star ruby gem is also known to have immense healing properties to cure bone, heart eye-related disorders.

Star Ruby Stone benefits:

Improves Confidence and Thinking Abilities
Relieves Anxiety Insomnia & Stress
Improves Eye-sight & Blood Circulation

Star Ruby is a rare variety of ruby gemstone which is available in a very limited amount. Therefore the probability of finding a fine quality natural deep red star ruby is even lower. The gem traders decide the price of each star ruby gem individually after assessing the color strength of star effect clarity cut and carat weight.

Note- Star Ruby price in India ranges from Rupees 250 per Carat ($4 approx.) to Rupees 3000 per Carat ($45 approx.) and above. Prices in other countries like Dubai and USA may vary depending upon the quality and availability.

Origin- On the basis of origin. Burmese or Burma Star ruby price remains highest due to its brilliant red hue and distinctly visible star effect. Star ruby from Sri Lanka and India are the other important varieties that fetch a good amount after Burmese gems.

Color- A deep red color Star Ruby is considered most desirable and hence holds a good market value. Surprisingly, certain Star Ruby gems with violet or blue overtones also gain good price due to its popularity of these off-shades in jewelry segment. The prices of other color varieties such as purple star ruby, black star ruby, pink star ruby and blue star ruby depend majorly on its quality, and demand & supply cycle.

Quality of Star effect- A centrally place, bright, consistent star effect displaying six rays of light is highly desirable. Therefore, a star ruby with bright and distinctly visible star effects always commands a higher value.

Carat Weight- A fine quality Star ruby is more likely to be smaller in size. This is because color quality and star effect usually get hampered with the increase in size. Therefore, Star ruby stones in bigger sizes are rarely available hence they are mostly expensive.

Cut- Star ruby stones are densely packed with microscopic rutile inclusions which make them appear translucent to opaque. Opaque gems are mostly cut in cabochon (non-faceted, polished gemstone) to obtain a perfect star effect on the smooth and polished upper surface. As per the gem cutters, a well-shaped dome exhibits a bright and clear star effect and therefore demands a good market value.

Clarity- Star ruby with fine silky luster is well appreciated. But sometimes, the presence of smoke-like, bluish white gaseous bubbles disturb the shine and thereby creates a deduction in the Star Ruby value.

Star Ruby Price in India are calculated both in Carats as well as Ratti. Since carat is a bigger unit, Star Ruby price per carat appears slightly higher than Star Ruby price per Ratti.
1 Ratti= 0.91 Carats

The quality of star ruby is primarily defined by its origin, color, cut, clarity and quality of the star effect (in terms of intensity, sharpness and position of star) A before-hand knowledge of all these factors are always helpful in buying Star ruby in a convenient way.

Origin- Star ruby crystals are resourced from the ruby mines of Burma (Myanmar), Sri Lanka (Ceylon), India, Madagascar and Tanzania. The deep red color of Burmese star ruby, especially Mogok Star Ruby from Mogok mine of Burma is regarded as the most sought-after variety. It is closely followed by bright red Ceylonese rubies that usually exhibit a strong mesmerizing star effect. Sri-Lanka star rubies generally appear raspberry red whereas Indian star ruby is more likely to be violet to reddish brown in color.

Color- Depending upon the iron and chromium element traces, star ruby crystal occurs in pink, red, purplish red and brownish red hue. Bright red star ruby, popularly known as the pigeon blood red star ruby is regarded as the most valuable color variety. Uneven color distribution and presence of strips and spots degrade the color quality and thereby reduce the stone’s overall worth.

Quality of Star Effect- Star ruby contains fine needle-like, rutile inclusions which provide silky luster and lead to the formation of a luminous star design on the surface when light reflects upon it. The size, intensity and position of star decide the quality of this gemstone. Star ruby gemstone containing centrally place, bright and continuous star design is the most valuable. Blur and broken star effect makes the stone less desirable.

Clarity- Microscopic rutile inclusions are welcome in star ruby crystal as these inclusions are mainly responsible for the star effect and the silky luster. Since, this gemstone typically included so, transparency is least expected. Even the finest quality star ruby appears translucent to opaque. But the presence of black inclusions or spots can hamper the clarity and value of the stone.

Cut- Star ruby is mostly available in cabochon cut (smooth, polished stone without any facets) unlike rubies, which are preferred in highly faceted cuts like round cut, oval cut, cushion cut. Lapidaries (gem cutters) often shape and polish the rough star ruby in medium to high shaped dome to attain a perfect star effect. Too deep or too flat cabochons should be avoided as it disturbs the star formation.

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