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Smoky Quartz is a light brown to deep smoky grey colored, semi-precious gemstone of the Quartz mineral family which can be transparent to opaque in appearance. It is regarded as an excellent gemstone for protection and healing. Due to its unique color, high durability and affordable prices, Smoky Quartz gemstone is extensively used for making various forms of fashion jewellery.

Natural Smoky Quartz is regarded as an excellent gemstone to use for protection against negative radiations, pain and mental stress. Various ancient cultures including Egyptian, Chinese, Sumerians and Romans have trusted Smoky Quartz for its strong metaphysical properties and healing powers. Even today, many therapists recommend Smoky Quartz healing crystals to people seeking mental peace, body detoxification and positivity in life.
Protects from Harmful Radiation – Smoky Quartz gem is said to have protective energies that neutralise the negative effects of radiations, including sunburns, medical radiation therapies, chemotherapy or radiation from electronic devices etc. As per the belief, Smoky Quartz grounding energy helps to transform harmful vibrations into positive energies.

Promotes Detoxification & Cleansing – According to the therapists, Smoky Quartz stones have gentle soothing energies that stimulate detoxification at all levels. Since ancient times, this gemstone has been widely used as a remedy for people who are willing to quit harmful addictions such as smoking, drinking or drug abuse. Its soothing energies also help in dealing with the stress and anger associated with the withdrawal process.

Relieves Body Pain – Wearing Smoky Quartz stone benefits the individual by enhancing the health of body organs and curing various fertility issues. Gem therapists recommend the use of Smoky Quartz to get relief from chronic pain, headaches, muscle cramps, tension of the back and shoulder. According to the gem therapist, Smoky Quartz healing benefits hugely to people dealing with ailments of the feet and hands.

Supports Meditation & Grounding – Smoky Quartz is known for balancing the various body chakras (Root & Solar Plexus) and helps the person to stay calm, focus and grounded. It is extensively used as an aid for meditation. It calms the tensed nerves, encourages positive thinking and possesses the ability to cure depression, anxiety and emotional stress.

Being robust by nature (Smoky Quartz hardness - 7), this gemstone is widely used in jewelry. So, due to its aesthetic reasons, Smoky Quartz value is majorly influenced by its color and less by other factors. Yet, the clarity, cut and carat weight also carry a degree of influence on its overall cost.

Note – Smoky Quartz price in India starts from Rs 500 per carat ($8 per carat) and can go up to Rs 1,500per carat ($65 per carat) and above.
Color – Color is the most significant factor in determining a gem’s beauty. Generally, the deeper and brighter is the color, more valuable is the Smoky Quartz gemstone. Too pale or inconsistently colored Smoky quartz gems are usually available at cheaper prices.

Clarity – The best and the most valuable Smoky Quartz displays good transparency and minimum inclusions. Natural Smoky Quartz prices decrease substantially for highly included, lustreless pieces.

Cut – This gorgeous Smoky Quartz gemstone is often faceted into fancy shapes such as round, pear, trillion and radiant cut to enhance its brilliance and overall worth. Disproportionate cut or uneven symmetrical reduces the luster and the Smoky Quartz cost in the market.
Carat weight – The size or weight of Smoky Quartz doesn’t bring a huge impact on its prices. In the trade, Smoky Quartz price per carat increases linearly with the rise in size. This is because of abundance and easy availability of Smoky Quartz large stones in the market. Therefore, it is a perfect gemstone for people who want to buy big size gem without spending a big budget.

Smoky Quartz mineral is comfortably available so, there is no need to compromise on the quality grounds. We always suggest our customers examine the color, clarity, and cut of the gemstone carefully in order to find the best quality Smoky Quartz.

Origin – Rough Smoky Quartz is found throughout the world including Brazil, Mozambique, Madagascar, Australia, Switzerland, Scotland and United States (New Hampshire and Colorado). According to the gemmologist, Brazilian Smoky Quartz is usually greyish and translucent where Colorado Smoky Quartz are recognised by their good quality gemmy appearance. Smoky Quartz from Switzerland (Swiss Smoky Quartz) and Australia also bear good color and clarity. The dark-colored smoky quartz crystals from Arkansas, better known as ‘Arkansas Smoky Quartz’, are mostly irradiated to a certain degree to obtain the intense brown color.

Type – Smoky Quartz is broadly classified on the basis of its origin and color. ‘Cairngorm gem’ is a popular origin variety of Smoky Quartz Crystal resourced from the Cairngorm Mountains of Scotland, Europe. They are mostly smoky yellow and brown in color. However, some greyish-brown specimen from Cairngorm can also be found in the market. They are quite popular amongst the Europeans and is widely used in European jewellery pieces. These days, many gem traders use the term ‘Cairngorm gemstone’ interchangeably for Smoky Quartz. ‘Morion Quartz’ crystal is another notable type which refers to the dark black yet translucent Smoky quartz crystals. They are regarded as naturally irradiated Smoky Quartz and are considered quite desirable for healing purposes.

Color – Smoky Quartz meaning is closely associated with its body color. Its color ranges from light smoky gray to deep chocolaty brown and smoky black. The selection of Smoky Quartz color depends largely upon the purposes and personal preferences of the wearer. Usually, the deep brown smoky quartz or grey Smoky Quartz are considered more valuable than the light Smoky Quartz gems.
Clarity – According to the gem experts, Smoky Quartz is a Type II clarity gemstone that may contain few eye-visible natural inclusions. Some common inclusions are negative crystals, two-phase inclusions, partially-healed fractures, tiger strips or zebra strips and rutile inclusions (often called Rutilated Smoky Quartz). In terms of transparency, Smoky Quartz mineral can be transparent to nearly opaque depending upon the quality grade. Typically, the clear Smoky Quartz with no or very faintly visible inclusion is considered to be of superior quality.

Cut – Being a popular ornamental stone, the raw Smoky Quartz stone is often cut and polished into fancy shapes (pear shape, heart, oval and round) and customized cuts (cushion cut, brilliant cut and emerald cut etc.). Due to the abundance of large size Smoky Quartz in nature, they are often carved into ornate statues and figurines. One can also find Smoky Quartz spheres, pendulums and wands in the market which are primarily used for healing.

Smoky Quartz is an earthy color gem variety from the Quartz mineral family. It ranges from transparent to complete opaque in appearance. This semi-precious gemstone is known for its unique color, high durability and affordable prices. It is worn as the birthstone for the month of June. Astrologically, this gemstone is considered beneficial for the Capricorn, Sagittarius and Scorpio sign. June birthstone Smoky quartz occurs in a plethora of enticing shades and is easily available. Therefore, this gemstone is hugely popular as a jewellery gemstone.
Since ancient times, Smoky Quartz stone is used for healing and jewellery purposes. It is also worn in birthstone jewellery and lucky charms to gain positivity and good health.
There are numerous unknown benefits associated with the Smoky Quartz gemstone. Unfortunately, very few people know how to use a Smoky Quartz to ensure maximum positive results in life. First and foremost, it is important to choose a real and genuine Smoky Quartz for yourself because treated or Simulated Smoky Quartz will not bring any benefit to you. According to the gem therapist, the best way to materialise the benefits of Smoky Quartz is to wear it in a jewellery that keeps the gemstone in touch with the wearer’s skin. Else, it can be kept in the close association like in the pocket or on the study table in the form of wand, pyramid or sphere to gain its positive influences in life.
Smoky Quartz comes from a variety of mining locations. Some of the major Smoky Quartz deposits are situated in Brazil, Mozambique, Madagascar, Australia, Switzerland, Scotland and United States (New Hampshire and Colorado).

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