Sky Blue Topaz

Sky blue topaz is a natural, light blue colored, semi-precious gemstone of the Topaz mineral family. Due to its high durability and vitreous shine, this gemstone is immensely popular for jewelry purposes. Vedic astrology recommends Sky blue topaz as the astrological substitute of Blue Sapphire (Neelam stone). It is also worn as December month birthstone in the western culture.

Sky blue topaz is an internationally popular jewelry gemstone. However, its astrological benefit is no less. Vedic astrologers find Sky blue gemstone useful in calming anger, removing bad omen and healing poor vision. As per their belief, this gemstone helps in self-expression and is considered beneficial for writers, journalist, PRs etc. All these points clearly state that Sky blue topaz is a highly effective gemstone.

Success in Jobs & Business – According to Indian astrologers, wearing a Sky-blue topaz gemstone benefits the individuals working in fields related to coal, leather, paint, iron, tools etc. This gemstone is associated with the karmic planet Saturn whose positive energies help people in making better decisions in life. Therefore, this ratna is considered quite beneficial for lawyers, judges and other people holding higher authoritative positions.

Better Expression of Thoughts – It is said that Sky blue topaz gemstones can improve communication and expression of thoughts, both when writing or when speaking. It is a wonderful aid for people facing low confidence and difficulty in public speaking. This gemstone can do wonders for writers and media professionals.

Cures Bone, Hair or Tooth Disorders – Sky blue topaz gemstone is said to have immense healing properties. It is considered helpful for people dealing with joint pain, arthritis and hair fall etc. The healing properties of Sky blue topaz also benefit individuals suffering from any long-term mental illness.

Blue topaz is widely available and very affordable. Sky blue topaz price per carat in Indian ranges between Rs 150 per carat ($3 approx.) to Rs 500 per carat ($8) plus, depending upon its color, clarity, cut and carat weight. Prices in other countries like USA, UAE, UK etc. depend largely upon the availability and demand.

Color – Sky blue topaz value largely depends on the quality of its color. The well-prized Sky blue topaz bears a brilliant sky blue color. Sky blue topaz prices usually drop for pieces in extremely pale or nearly washed out color.

Clarity – Sky blue topaz value is also driven by the inclusions present in the stone. Clean and clear pieces with least flaws are more desirable both aesthetically and astrologically and thereby draw a higher value than the gems with scratches, pits, inclusions or surface blemishes.

Cut – The cutting style of Sky blue topaz influences its beauty and price. A skillfully faceted Sky blue topaz brings out the best color and luster and hence commands a good price in the market. Currently, there is a good availability of Topaz rough stone. Therefore, one can easily find Sky blue topaz in round, oval, octagon, pear shape at a much affordable price.

Carat weight– As a thumb rule, Sky blue topaz price per carat increases linearly with increase in size. However, the price trend may change slightly for the super-premium pieces in bigger size.

Treatment – According to the gemologists, most of the blue topaz gemstones have been produced by irradiating white topaz which is quite abundant in nature. However, the irradiation is not mentioned in most of the gem report. So, it can be assumed that all natural blue topaz are slightly irradiated. This is usually true for Blue topaz in deeper shades.

Whether buying Sky Blue Topaz for jewelry purposes or for astrological reasons, our Sky Blue Topaz buying guide can help you to assess this gem’s qualities like a pro and buy the best quality Sky Blue Topaz gemstone. Just like other gemstones, color always serves as the major quality-determining factor of Sky blue topaz closely followed by other factors like clarity, cut and origin.

Color – In blue topaz, color is of paramount important. It occurs in a plethora of hues from pale to deep blue. Sky blue topaz represents the topaz gems with light and bright blue color. The consistency of color and its brilliance define the beauty and quality of a Sky blue topaz in the market.

Clarity – Most of the Sky blue topaz stones are reasonably clean and transparent. Thus, eye-clean topaz is both desirable and possible. Lower quality stones may contain some natural imperfections such as Columbite or Fluorite inclusions, 2-phase liquid inclusions etc.

Cut– In nature, Sky blue rough occurs as elongated crystals. So, they are often cut in long oval and pear shapes to reduce unnecessary wastage of raw stone. However, due to the high affordability and huge popularity of Sky blue topaz in the jewelry industry, one can also find this gemstone in numerous customized shapes like round, emerald cut, cushion, marquise, triangles etc. Blue topaz cabochons (non-faceted, polished gems) are less common because they lack facets (cuts) that intensify the luster.

Origin – Blue topaz mines have been discovered in Brazil, Russia, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, United States, Australia, Mexico and South Africa. However, Sky blue topaz from Brazil is considered as the chief source considering the richer color consistency and clarity found in the gemstones mined from this region.

Sky blue topaz is the beautiful light blue colored gemstone of the Topaz mineral family. It is amazing jewelry gemstone and holds great astrological significance. There are numerous tales associated with Sky blue topaz meaning. Historically, it is said that the word topaz is named after a legendary island ‘Topazos’ present in the Red Sea from where the topaz mineral was first mined. Alternatively, it is believed that the word ‘Topaz’ may relate to the Sanskrit word ‘Tapas’ meaning ‘fire’ or ‘heat’.
It is very important to buy Sky blue topaz from a genuine retailer or wholesale to make your shopping reliable. We recommend people to buy a natural Sky blue topaz stone certified by a trusted gem testing laboratory. Zodiacgem can be your preferred destination for purchasing Sky blue topaz stones online at the most reasonable prices. We always provide a FREE lab certificate to ensure the authenticity and quality of the gemstone. You can browse our rich catalogue of Sky blue topaz loose gemstone containing high-quality photos and videos for a better understanding of the gemstone.

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