Rubellite is a rare and highly valuable gem variety of Tourmaline that bears uniquely beautiful shades of deep purplish-pink to reddish pink. It shines brilliantly and doesn’t lose its color under any light source. This unique characteristic makes a Rubellite different from the other Pink and Red Tourmalines. This gemstone is often set in collectable jewelry pieces.

With its intense sparkle and vibrancy that never fades, Rubellite has secured its place in every gem lover’s heart.
With its calming aura, this gemstone helps the wearer to overcome the disparities of life. It is said that wearing a Rubellite brings emotional balance and helps to get a successful personal and professional life.

Brings Professional & Financial Success– It is believed that Rubellite Tourmaline metaphysical properties help the wearer to regain the stamina and work efficiency. It further supports the wearer in achieving their professional and financial goals in a timely fashion.

Provides Inner Strength and Confidence– Many gem therapists place deep faith in Rubellite gemstone for improving inner strength and vigour. The positive nurturing energies of this gemstone boost the wearer’s self-confidence and allows them to express themselves in a better way.

Boosts Energy Level – It is said that Rubellite releases negative ions that help to lift the mood. It also absorbs the harmful radiations, removes toxins and re-energised the body. Rubellite is considered good for professionals who spend long hours working on the computer.

Promotes Harmony & Peace– The positive energies of Rubellite gemstone allow the wearer to balance the temperament and prevent from getting into disagreements or disputes. It supports the wearer to attain a diplomatic approach to work out the differences. In crystal therapy, this gemstone is recommended highly beneficial for people involved in meditative and spiritual practices.

Heals Circulatory, Digestive & Reproductive Health – According to alternative healing therapies, Rubellite is considered good for maintaining a healthy heart and reproductive system. Rubellite healing properties also help to balance the brain by keeping the emotions in control. It soothes the nervous system and helps to cure hysteria, depression, obsessive behaviour etc.

Rubellite is simply a deeply reddish Tourmaline that closely resembles the precious Ruby gemstone. Despite its beauty and rarity, Rubellite is not as expensive as the Rubies. The reason is ironical and understandable that this gemstone is not very popular. In the trade, Rubellite value is often evaluated on the basis of its Origin, Color, Clarity, Cut and Size.

Generally, Rubellite price per carat in India ranges between ₹ 6,000 per carat ($90 approx.) to ₹ 20,000 per carat ($310 approx.) plus depending upon its quality and size. However, one can find a notable difference in Rubellite price in other countries like USA, UAE, U.K, Dubai or Malaysia. Interestingly, Rubellite Tourmaline cost may also vary in different cities of the same country. For e.g. - Due to the higher gem cutting and polishing charge in cities like Mumbai, Rubellite Tourmaline price in Mumbai can be higher than Rubellite gemstone price in Jaipur, Delhi or Kolkata where cutting and polishing can be done at much affordable prices.

Origin– The finest quality Rubellite mineral is found in the mine of Brazil, Mozambique, Madagascar, USA and Nigeria. In the past few years, Cruzeiro Rubellite (Brazilian Rubellite variety) have gained a good market value. Rubellites from Cruzeiro mines of Brazil are identified by their striking raspberry red hue. California Rubellite, Nigerian Rubellite, African Rubellite and Rubellite from Madagascar are the other preferred choices.

Clarity– Clarity in Rubellite is subjected to the transparency and inclusions present. The presence of minor inclusions can be overlooked, and the Rubellite price can remain unaffected if the color and transparency compensate the inclusions present. Loupe clean Rubellites (with no visible inclusions and ‘eye clean’ clarity) with good transparency are very rare to find and hence command a good premium. So, If you can find a highly clean piece in our catalogue, don’t miss the deal.

Cut – A skilfully faceted and highly proportionate Rubellite loose stone is expected to be little expensive as it retains less weight and cost higher labour charge. Round and oval are relatively more economical. For a cheaper option, one can look for Rubellite cabochons. (non-faceted polished gem with one side dome surface)

Carat Weight – Finding an absolutely eye clean Rubellite Tourmaline raw stone in big size is incredibly tough. Therefore, Rubellite Tourmaline price per carat increases exponentially for such quality gems. One can expect a linear rise in price per carat or ratti for Rubellite Tourmalines of lower quality.

A member of the Tourmaline family, Rubellite is recognized for its exceptional red hue. But, it is important to understand that every Red or Pink Tourmaline is not worthy of being a Rubellite. Hence, quality is a big concern while buying a Rubellite gemstone. Generally, color is what distinguishes Rubellite from other Tourmalines as a Rubellite holds its color in natural as well as artificial light. Besides its color, its Clarity, Cut, and Origin are also the defining factors that help in finding the best quality Rubellite gemstone.

Color– Rubellite color ranges from pure red, slightly purplish red, deep purplish pink. Some crystals may include orangey, brownish or purplish hues. Pink Rubellite and Red Rubellite Tourmaline bearing rich color with deeper tone and saturation are generally considered best for purchase.

Clarity– Due to its crystal structure, Rubellite gemstone is likely to have imperfections or flaws. It usually occurs as hollow tubes, needles, irregular thread like gas or liquid inclusions in a mesh like pattern. Considering the rarity of Rubellite, gems with insignificant inclusions are acceptable. Nevertheless, fewer inclusions and good transparency do make the gem more valuable.

Cut – A gem cutter always look for a cut that enhances the color and brings optimum clarity of the raw Rubellite but without causing much weight loss. Oval cut and Round cut are easily available whereas Rubellites in highly customised in shapes and cuts are less in number. Low quality Rubellite raw stones are often shaped as cabochons. (non-faceted polished gem with one sided dome)

Origin – Over the world, gem quality Rubellite rough comes from the mines located in Russia, Brazil (Minas Gerais), Madagascar (Andilamena), Mozambique, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and USA (California). Due to its deep purplish red hue and good clarity, Brazilian Rubellite is considered the finest. In recent years, African deposits have also yielded clean Rubellite Tourmaline rough. USA (California and Maine) mines usually produce the shocking Pink Rubellite stones.

Rubellite is the trade term for the highly lustrous, transparent, reddish colored Tourmaline gemstone. Due to high end beauty and rarity, this gemstone often commands a higher value than a normal Red/Pink Tourmaline. Now, the most striking feature of Rubellite is its color that differentiates a Rubellite from closely similar Red and Pink Tourmaline. Yes! The color tone of Rubellites remains constant in every light source however the other pink and red Tourmalines appear slightly brownish in the artificial light source.
Rubellite gemstone gets its rich color from the manganese element present in its crystal. The higher concentration of manganese in the rough Rubellite Tourmaline deepens its color but increases the imperfection. High-quality Rubellites physically appear quite like rubies but are way more affordable. But, for astrological uses, Ruby is always a better choice.
Browse our huge collection of certified, natural Rubellite Tourmaline loose stones online in different shapes and sizes.
While shopping for a red gemstone, it is always worth considering whether Ruby or Rubellite is the right stone for you. Ruby is a highly precious, deep pink to red colored natural gemstone of the Corundum mineral family. The breath-taking beauty, high durability and strong metaphysical properties of Ruby (also known as Manik or Manikya in Hindi) have collectively provided this gemstone the reputation of ‘King of Gems’. It is undoubtedly the most sought-after red colored gemstone which is widely used in fine jewelry pieces. It is the July month birthstone and is also worn as the astrological gemstone of powerful planet ‘Sun’ in Indian culture.
On the other hand, Rubellite is a color variety of Tourmaline gemstones which is a jewelry as well as healing gemstone. Moreover, this gemstone reasonable and budget-friendly option for those who find difficulty in buying a precious ruby gemstone for jewelry purposes. Rubellite comes in many delightful colors ranging from deep pink to crimson red or slight purplish red. Although it is not as robust as a ruby gemstone but still durable to be worn in jewelry pieces.
The selection between a Ruby or Rubellite will largely depend on the buyer’s budget, personal preference and purposes. Ruby should always be the first choice if the budget is flexible.

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