Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a popular jewelry gemstone and is also known as Love Stone or Bohemian Ruby. The color of this gemstone may range from very pale pink to deep reddish-pink. Rose Quartz helps in raising self esteem and to attract love in a person’s life. Rose Quartz is also prized for its beautification powers.

Rose Quartz Gemstone promotes bonding and is a good stone to place on the stomach during pregnancy. It also helps ease colic or feeding difficulties in infants.
It may also be placed by the bed or in the relationship corner of the home to restore trust and harmony, and encourage unconditional love. Rose Quartz is a wonderful sleep crystal for adults and children. It provides beautiful dreams and prevents nightmares or night terrors.
This gemstone is considered to be a powerful aphrodisiac, stimulating sensual imagination. It is quite effective in attracting new love, romance and intimacy, or in developing a closer bond with family or friends.

Rose Quartz supports professionals from the beauty industry.

It may be used to sooth burns and reduce blistering.

Mentally it aids in relieving tension and stress. This gemstone assists in healing the kidneys and adrenals, and placed on the thymus aids chest and lung problems, relieving coughs and soothes bronchial areas.

Rose Quartz is especially supportive of the female reproductive system, the genitals and for increase in fertility.

The soft pink emanations of Rose Quartz comforts and heals any wounds the heart has suffered, it dissolves the sorrows, worries, fears and resentments suppressing the heart's ability to give and receive love, and replaces it with healing, comfort and inner nourishment. A deep sense of personal fulfillment and energy forms a new foundation where inner peace and contentment can become a personal reality.

Natural Rose Quartz is usually a Pale Pink color, stronger the color, more valuable it is considered.


Even color

Rose Quartz is a silicon dioxide crystal, is one of the most common varieties of the Quartz family. It has a hardness of 7 on Mohs Scale. Rose Quartz usually occurs in massive form, though it sometimes grows in clusters of small prismatic crystals. It varies in clarity from opaque to translucent to a foggy transparency.

The Rose Quartz Stones can be detoxified of its negative energies by dipping it in water overnight.

To protect from scratches on the surface, the Rose Quartz gemstone should not be rubbed against a harder surface.

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