Whenever a devil steps, you take a step forward and start manifesting love. There are some things, such as love, growth, evil energy, that are worth protecting. 

Peridot gets its name from the French word 'peritot', which means gold. This stone, which is also known as ‘ghritmani’ in Hindi, is associated with planet Mercury and is renowned for its powerful healing properties. Due to the artificial glow of brilliant green on the stone's surface, it is sometimes called Evening Emerald. It is ‘the gem of the sun’ for ancient Egyptians.

Peridot was formerly classified as chrysolite when identifying stones was not as rational. This gem is the national gem of Egypt, and it is known as ‘the gem of the sun’ among the ancient Egyptians. Peridot was known to ancient cultures as a gift from Mother Nature to celebrate a new world emerging every year.

The stone can be used to treat skin conditions.
It has a healing effect on the liver and gall bladder.
This stone is effective against sinusitis and asthma. 
In addition, it treats neurological disorders and stomach disorders.

It gives individual opportunities.
The positive effects of this energy will also bring you success and money. 
Cognitive skills are developed due to this stone.
The stone possesses the ability to manifest money.

It reduces negative emotions like envy, loneliness, anger, etc. 
Peridot also reduces symptoms of depression. 
It promotes good sleep for people.
In addition, it prevents distractions and short attention spans. 

This stone reduces nervousness, anxiety, and restlessness.
It provides a sense of calm. 
For people, this stone also provides comfort and relaxation. 
Peridot’s powers allow people to manifest good things in their lives.

Day, time, and metal for Peridot: 
Peridot is worn on Wednesdays after sunset. Generally, Peridots should be paired with silver but other metals such as gold, white gold, platinum can be considered. 

Pooja, mantra, and finger: 
One should be sure to wash Peridot in clean running water and to wear it in the morning after bathing. In order to wear the ring, you must wear it on the little finger of your working hand. Om Bum Budhaye Namah, ॐ बुं बुधाय नम: should be chanted 108 times.

Who can wear the stone?
In India, Peridot is the birthstone for August and can be worn by those with Mithun (Gemini) and Kanya (Virgo) rashi. It can be worn by Cancer Sun signs according to western astrology. You may also wear it if your ascendant or rising sign is Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, or Aquarius.

A gemstone's price is affected by various factors, such as its weight, color, clarity, treatment, and origin. There is usually a wide range of prices in India for this stone, from as low as Rs. 400 per carat to as high as Rs. 2000 per carat. 

Many countries produce Peridots but Burmese and Pakistani Peridots have higher prices and market value than those from the United States of America, Brazil, and Mexico that have lower prices and market value. 

Peridot has no numerous hues, unlike other stones. The price of the stone differs with the intensity of the green color. A bright green color commands a higher price compared to yellow or brown tone color.

When there are inclusions in a stone, it often affects its price, whether it is a positive or negative effect. When it comes to Peridot, lily-pads or black spots reduce the value of the stone. Also, market prices are higher for eye-clean Peridots.   

Carat weight is one of the main factors determining the price of the Peridots. As the carat weight increases, the price of Peridot increases. However, as the weight decreases, the price decreases. 

Besides the stone’s color, the cut is another important component of its appearance. It is the quality of the cut that makes stones look beautiful. The process of cutting highly faceted cuts such as the cushion and princess cuts is very expensive due to the loss of the rough stone involved. Peridots are generally priced lower when they are rounded or oval in shape. 

As a general rule, natural and untreated stones are more valuable than stones that have been treated or heated in an attempt to enhance their appearance or dissolve their inclusions. 

Note: Zodiac Gems offers stones that do not receive heated treatment.

Peridot’s quality can be defined by a number of factors, including country, color, clarity, carat, and cut. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure the gemstone is worth wearing. Prior to purchasing Peridot gemstones online, consider the following factors for ensuring value for money. 


Peridot can be found in-

United States of America








Depending on the origin of the stone, the color and quality vary. Peridot from other origins is far darker and less valuable than Burmese Peridot, which is bright green and incredibly clear.  

Note- Burmese Peridots are highly sought after compared to US, Chinese, and Brazilian Peridots.


Peridot is amongst the few stones that come in a single color. This stone has a variation in color depending on the iron content. Iron content is indirectly determined by the color of the stone. The darker the color of the stone, the less amount of iron. From bright greenish-yellow to brownish-green, Peridot is available in various hues. However rich grass-green Peridots are generally more valuable than brown-green Peridots.


The presence or absence of inclusions affects this factor. There are inclusions in this stone that appear to be disk-shaped and are often called "lily pads”. Fine quality Peridot will have eye-clear clarity.


There is a direct correlation between this factor and the price of the stone. There can also be variations in price based on color quality and brightness. A stone with the same carat weight but a better quality will cost more because of its enhanced quality. 


This stone comes in a variety of shapes, from round to pear. It is recommended to avoid native cuts on this stone. A highly faceted cut enhances the quality of the stone resulting in a significant amount of stone wastage during manufacture. 

No, in contrast to other gemstones, Peridot is typically not heated in order to enhance its color. Furthermore, Peridot is a stable stone, meaning that its color does not change in sunlight or artificial light, as well as overtime.
A natural olive green color is the best for peridot due to its astrological properties. 
Jewelry made of Peridot should be cleaned with soap and water and should be brushed gently with a toothbrush. We recommend avoiding ultrasonic and steam cleaners. 

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