In an imperfect world, perfect combinations can be rare, but some are not as rare as they are perfect. The combination of which is Navratna. 

Meaning and History:
Navratna means ‘nine gems’ or ‘nine ratnas’ in Sanskrit. Indian astrology is based on nine planets represented by the nine ratnas. These stones refer to the nine planets: Ruby (Sun), Pearl (Moon), Red Coral (Mars), Emerald  (Mercury), Yellow Sapphire (Jupiter), Diamond (Venus), Blue Sapphire (Saturn), Hessonite (Rahu), and Cat’s eye ( Ketu). Navratna in Hindu tradition refers to the totality of the universe. The placement of the stones in the jewelry is according to the ‘vastu’ principles.

Astrology and Benefits:

This helps to treat chronic diseases, stress, and anxiety.
In the case of existing ailments, it brings speedy recovery.

Making good decisions is made easier through it.
The information is useful for those in public relations and mass communication.
Additionally, it helps people overcome financial difficulties and career setbacks.
It brings prosperity to one’s life.

It provides peace of mind.
A person’s emotional stability is enhanced by it.

Both personally and professionally, it brings positivity.

It balances our karma and promotes happiness.  

Day, Time, and Metal for Navratna:
It is recommended to wear this stone on Sunday in the morning during the sunrise period. Gold, silver and, panchdhatu can be used to create Navratna jewelry. 

Pooja, Mantra, and Finger:
If the stone is set in a ring then it should be worn on the ring finger of the working hand. Also the mantra is ‘Om Brahma Murari Tripurantkari Bhanu Suto Budhasch Gurushch Shukrah Shani Rahu Ketuveh Sarve Graha Shanti Karabhavantu’ ॐ ब्रह्मा मुरारि त्रिपुरान्तकारी भानुः शशि भूमिसुतो बुधश्च । गुरुश्च शुक्रः शनिराहुकेतवः सर्वे ग्रहा शान्ति करा भवन्तु (108 times).

Who can wear the Navratna stones?
The stone has no astrological limitations. Anyone irrespective of their zodiac sign or rashi can wear it after consulting an astrological expert. 

Navratna costs approximately Rs 1,100 to Rs 1, 20,000 which is $16 to $1845 in India depending on various factors which are shown below in the table. 

Color is a crucial component in making Navratna beneficial to a person. It works on the premise that the more vivid, deep, and rich the color of the stones the higher the price. Pale and unevenly blended colors lower the quality and price. 

Transparency and minimal inclusions are the pillars of this factor. If the stones collected to meet these criteria, the price will be higher. However, if the stone contains higher inclusion rates and a lower level of transparency, the price will be low and the market value will also decline. 

By taking lead in defining price, the highly faceted cut of Navratna’s collection lets the light be reflected, making it ultra-lustrous. Navratna with highly lustrous finishes is more expensive than those with uneven shapes or poor cuts.  

Carat weight-
Navratna’s weight is affected by all the stones located within. If the stones become heavier, the price of Navratna will also increase significantly. 

Each stone should be natural and unheated for Navratna. In addition to being less expensive, treated and heated stones will lack astrological merits and have lower quality. 

While choosing Navratna, color and clarity are the two most important factors to consider. The factors are as follows: 

In Navratna, stones should have deep tones and vibrant colors. Colors with a higher hue have more value and are more effective as astrological symbols. 

In Navratna a stone should be clear and flawless i.e. no black sports or inclusions should be visible to the naked eye. There should be no poor transparency in the stones.

To make the collection look lustrous, all the stones should be sharply faceted so that light can be reflected from them. Navratna’s general quality will be impacted if the cuts are uneven and poorly faceted.

It is common for people to be attracted to the small size of Navratna gemstones without sacrificing their color and clarity. 

Stones are mostly treated to enhance their color and dissolve the inclusions. Natural stones of Navratna, without any treatments, are considered to be astrologically beneficial. 

In terms of jewelry, Navratna rings are the most common but you can also wear them in the form of pendants, bracelets, and earrings.
No, your jewelry can be made in any metal including gold, silver, or panchdhatu, depending on your financial ability and preference. 
Anyone can wear Navratna jewelry regardless of their zodiac sign. It is recommended to consult an astrological expert before wearing it.

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