Moss Agate

Moss Agate is a powerful healing gemstone that helps in physical and mental healing, balancing vital energy, bringing success, wealth, prosperity and contentment in life.

Moss Agate shares a universal rapport as a healing gemstone. It induces calmness and balance so that one does not get fazed by little inconsequential things. It also helps you deal with the emotional imbalance and positive energy in both personal and professional lives. Throughout history and all the cultures, Moss Agate is considered to be one of the most miraculous gemstones of all times. Buy the best quality Moss Agate gemstone to make the most of your shopping.
Physical Wellbeing : Moss Agate is said to be helpful in treating infections, cold, and fever. Moss Agate in the US is often used as a tool to enhance immunity. If worn as a pendant (near the chest) it is said to strengthen cardiac muscles and prevents heartbeat irregularities. For some, it guards against sleepwalking.
Mental Wellbeing : Moss Agate is known to bring stability and peace in life. It soothes temperament issues and promotes inner calm. Worn as a ring, Moss Agate strengthens mental control, optimism and eradicates fear and negativity from the mind. In some cases, people wear them to fight against depression.
Chakra Healing and Balancing Energy : Moss Agate is beneficial for ‘Heart Chakra’. It regulates our interaction with the external world and keeps a check on what we resist and what we hold. It enables us to balance ourselves and stabilizes the aura by purifying the energies.

Ideally, Moss Agate Price is quite modest. Moss Agate in Price in India reflects labour and artistry over the material itself. The prices also depend on the size of the stone, the cut, and origin of the Moss Agate gemstone. Keeping all these factors in mind, an Original Moss Agate Gemstone can cost a buyer anywhere between ₹ 100 to ₹ 500 per carat.
Origin: Moss Agate originates chiefly from India, Scotland and the United States. The best Moss Agate is mined in India which is substantially more expensive and can cost anywhere between ₹ 100 to ₹ 500 per carat.. All the other Moss Agates hardly shows price difference as such.
Pattern: Finer the patterns, higher the price. Detailed landscape-like colour patterns are sold at a premium price. The designers often enjoy the advantage of these intrigue patterns and turn them into art pieces making them even more expensive.
Colour: Bright green colour is always a preferred choice while buying Moss Agate. So; the greener is the colour, the higher goes its price. the rarest crystals have dark green colour with bluish inclusions they are often sold on premium prices.
Carat Weight: Like any other gemstone, Moss Agate Prices is also determined by its size. Especially when the colour and pattern co-exist, bigger stones are sold at a bigger value. It is also common that a larger stone, displaying dull colour and blurred pattern are often sold at a lower price when compared to a smaller stone displaying detailed pattern and rich colour.
Treatment: Due to its high ornamental value, Moss Agate is often dyed to give it a richer hue, this category of Moss Agate is obviously less valuable that Natural Moss Agate gemstone enhanced only by cutting, tumbling and polishing.
Understanding the above criteria that determine the price of Moss Agate will help you in making a smart purchase. Before you buy a Moss Agate Gemstone Online, we advise you to keep the above features in mind.

Moss Agate is a non-banded variety of Chalcedony, a mineral in Quartz family. It can be anywhere between clear to milky-white in colour. It often comes with inclusions of manganese or iron which gives it a dendritic pattern that looks like moss or lichen.
Moss Agate Stone benefits by stimulating a sense of balance. This April Birthstone is known for attracting health and success. A natural Moss Agate is said to enhance both personal and professional front of its wearer.
Metaphysical Properties of Moss Agate : Moss Agate is believed to be the stone of prosperity some also say that it helps in finding the hidden treasure. Moss Agate’s charm possesses distinctive powers that depends on different shades in which it appears.
Healing Properties of Moss Agate : Moss Agate Silver Jewelry supports the wearer in all aspects to instil the feeling of spirituality directly from releasing all the negative energies to connect him with the karmic connection from previous life. It enhances wisdom in the wearer about the supreme power, that is in charge of the survival of all the living creatures and the earth.
Heals through its colour :
Moss Agate is a “growth crystal”, and it embraces the energy of green colour. It is a potent gateway of the life forces on the including the birth, development, death, and renewal of the living organism. Being green in colour, Moss agate is a nurturing stone. It nurtures and upholds the new business and the relationship of the wearer with his loved ones.
The lighter shades promote spirituality, and the darker shades instil strength and growth.

No, Moss Agate serves no astrological purpose. It is strictly a non-Vedic Gemstone and holds no astrological reference.
It totally depends on the purpose for which you are buying the Moss Agate Gemstone. If you are buying it for healing purpose, you should always buy 100% Natural Moss Agate and prefer colour over pattern. While buying for an ornamental purpose you can choose any pattern of your choice, dendritic Moss Agate Jewelry is often in demand. Overall, you should buy Moss Agate in accordance with the result that you seek from the gemstone.
Moss Agate can be worn in any form of jewelry. Moss agate rings, Moss Agate bracelet, Moss Agate pendant and Moss Agate earrings are not only hot sellers but also trendsetters. You can choose to be creative with your Moss Agate Jewelry. However, while wearing Moss Agate for healing purpose, the idea is to keep its energy close to your vibrational fields. In fact, a loose Moss Agates (Moss Agate Cabochons or Tumbled Moss Agates) kept in your wallet is said to attract prosperity.
Moss Agate is said to be the stone of new beginnings. It refreshes the soul and gives a new and positive perspective towards everything. It is believed that Moss Agate enhances the immune system and protects you against season related health issues. It evokes self-expression, balances emotion, releases fear and stress. It is also helpful in treating skin related infections, easing labour pain and recovering from illness. It connects with your Heart Chakra and regulates your interaction with the external world.

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