A popular semi-precious stone from the Tektite group, The Moldavite displays a rich dark green colour and a certain wrinkled texture in its natural form. It is said to have arrived on the Earth on the back of a meteorite millions of years ago, which means Moldavites are a piece of Earth and stardust. Since ancient times, the Moldavite has been known for its powerful healing properties across the metaphysical studies.

A truly universal star stone, the Moldavite is not associated with any one Zodiac and is regarded a natural birthstone in astrology. In chakra healing therapies, it is said to have deep and profound healing impact on the body - especially on the Third Eye Chakra, Heart Charka, and the Crown Chakras. The following are the benefits of a Moldavite.
Brings positive changes at physical, emotional and spiritual level.
Nurtures familial relationships.
Dispels financial insecurities.
Supports meditation and spiritual activities.
Rejuvenates physical health.

Moldavite price in India ranges between Rs. 500 per gram ($7) - Rs. 1000 per gram ($15) and above. 

One of the most popular gemstones, the Moldavite is popular for its colour, cut and clarity. These qualities also help determine its price in the market.
Color: The Moldavite is generally opaque and rarely transparent. The more radiant the colour of the stone is, the higher the price will be. However, too pale or too dark a colour with brown and grey overtones will lead to a drop in price. This gemstone is also likely to have elongated gas bubbles, flow lines and slightly cloudy appearance.
Clarity:  Characteristically, Moldavites are rarely transparent. Therefore the cost of Moldavite increases for stones with lesser inclusions and good transparency. 
Cut: Moldavites are rarely faceted to form shiny gems, and are loved and appreciated in their natural form. They are found in interesting shapes such as the sphere, discs, rods, distorted etc..
Carat Weight: The large size Moldavite are easily available in the market, hence the cost per gram doesn’t increase many fold for gems in higher weight and size.

You can use the Moldavite in a host of different ways. From making it a pendant to keeping the stone in water and consuming, there is no dearth of its usage.

Moldavite mostly comes from a host of mining locations present in the Vltava River Basin of Czech Republic. The best variety are said to come from the Southern Bohemia region and Besednice strewn fields of Czech Republic. Moravian Moldavite stones from the South western Moravian Strew-field are another variety. They are nearly spherical in shape but are brownish green in color and contribute to its distinctive property.


It is always recommended to purchase a Moldavite certified by an independent gem testing laboratory.

Zodiac Gems is one of the leading providers of loose gemstones and coloured gemstone jewellery online. We always provide 100% natural original gemstones only, along with genuine lab certificates.

(Beware! Fake labs do exist). 

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