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Blue Topaz is a radiant blue hued, semi-precious stone which is available in a host of colours ranging from subtle sky blue to a rich indigo. It comes from the Topaz mineral and is considered to a good substitute for the Blue Sapphire in Vedic astrology. It is mainly word to achieve stability in financial matters, gain self confidence and maintain good health.

Astrologically this gemstone is considered one of the best and is deemed highly effective and is worn to avoid confusion, anxiety and financial crisis. Natural Blue Topaz is the gemstone for Makar(Capricorn) and Kumbh(Aquarius) rashi, according to Vedic astrology. Western astrology however recommends Blue Topaz as birthstone for Virgos. It is ruled by the mighty planet of Saturn. Blue Topaz is also ideal for ascendants - Gemini, Virgo, Taurus. It is widely believed by astrologers that Blue Topaz is greatly beneficial to people going through Shani Dhaiyya, Kantakshini, Shaade Sati or Dhasha Phase. According to sacred texts, wearing a natural Blue Topaz can bring in affluence and success to the wearer’s life. For those having a hard time with their business, wearing a Blue Topaz can help in making their business prosper and bring in good fortune.

While Blue Topaz gemstone holds a great stature in the metaphysical world, it is also said to have the following benefits
Promotes financial stability.
Improves intellectual abilities.
Cures physical & mental ailments.
Heals kidney, heart & immune system
Improves overall health.

The value of Blue Topaz completely depends upon its colour, clarity cut and carat weight. Blue Topaz wholesale prices have decreased substantially in the past few decades, down to a few dollars.
Depending upon the quality grade, the Blue Topaz gemstone price in India ranges between Rs………per carat ($......) to Rs……….per carat ($.......) 

In order to access the quality of the Blue Topaz it is important to examine its cut, colour, clarity, and origins amongst other factors. 
Naturally occurring rich Blue Topaz (they are mostly Sky Blue Topaz Stones) is rarely found in the market. The colourless, pale yellow or blue variety of topaz is irradiated to produce deeper shades of Blue Topaz (traded as Swiss Blue Topaz gemstone & London Blue Topaz). It’s a well-known fact and is accepted wholeheartedly at the international level.
Colour – Blue Topaz colour is one of the main deciding factors when it comes to the quality. From the palest sky blue to inkiest blue with even a hint of green, you can choose your pick with ease. The Sky Blue Topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz and London Blue Topaz variety of gemstones are the most sought after. The rich shade of Blue Topaz Gemstone is a rarity in the market as the colourless, pale yellow or blue variety of this gemstone is irridated in order to achieve the rich blue hue. The more intense, uniform and deeper the colour of the gemstone is, higher is the price. Due to this, the London Blue Topaz value remains the highest in the market.

Clarity- Due to its lightness, Blue Topaz gemstones with the utmost clarity and minimal inclusions are considered the gold standard, as the discrepancies can be easily spotted from the naked eye. The value of natural Blue Topaz gemstone drops dramatically for pieces with high inclusions and poor transparency.

Cut- Being a versatile gemstone, the Blue Topaz is found in various shapes. The crystals are faceted with striking cuts and unusual shapes in order to show off the clarity and radiance of the stone when observed under a light source.  Although this leads to an increase in the price as it involves more wastage of the rough.
Carat Weight- Blue Topaz price increases in direct proportion to its size, as it is abundantly available. However, some of the deep hued Blue Topaz may command a higher price.
Origin- The world’s best Blue Topaz comes from Brazil, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, USA, Burma (Myanmar), Russia, China and Nigeria – though it is abundantly available throughout the globe. The Brazilian Blue Topaz gemstones in particular are currently quite popular and easily available in the market.

Yes, you can substitute the two; however astrologers usually recommend Iolite and Amethyst gemstone as the best alternatives because of their availability in the natural form and their highly affordable prices. For astrological requirements, a natural, untreated and unheated gemstone is considered ideal. 
For astrological purposes, the Sky Blue Topaz gemstones with good transparency and minimal inclusions are considered the best option. They are less irradiated in comparison to the Swiss Blue Topaz stone and London Blue Topaz stone which helps thme achieve their deep colour. A strongly irradiated deep Blue Topaz is the best choice for jewellery making.
No! Astrologers often advise people to against wearing Shani Ratnas which are Blue Sapphire and its substitutes like Iolite, Amethyst and Blue Topaz set in gold. This is because gold represents planet Sun and it’s incompatibility with Saturn may have adverse effects on the wearer. One must always consult an expert astrologer in case they are specifically inclined towards wearing a Blue Topaz in Yellow Gold.

One must always do their due diligence before buying a Blue Topaz gemstone. Get your gemstone certified for 100% originality from a trusted gemological lab.
Zodiac gems  is one of the leading providers of loose gemstones and coloured gemstone jewellery online. We always provide 100% natural original gemstones only, along with genuine lab certificates (Beware! Fake labs do exist). 

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