A semi-precious stone from the Feldspar family, the Labradorite is naturally dark coloured with brilliant internal flashes of coppery red, pale green, peacock blue, and gold when observed under a light source. This phenomenon is called Labrodorescence. Labradorite is said to be the frozen form of the Northern Lights which bring good luck, health, and positivity.

Astrologically, Labradorite gemstone is connected with the brightest planet Venus due to its bright flashes. Indian astrologers recommend this stone for people born under Tula (Libra) sign, while Western astrologers also recommend Labradorite birthstone for Libra. Ascendants of Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius are also suggested to wear the gemstone to get positively influenced in life. Moreover, Crystal healers recognize Labradorite as a Stone of Transformation which helps gain self-consciousness, mental strength and good health. The following are the benefits of the Labradorite. 
Known for its powerful metaphysical and healing properties
Enhances mental & intuitive abilities
Reduces impulsive behavior & additive tendencies.
Cures digestive and respiratory issues

Labradorite price in India starts from Rs. *** per carat – Rs. *** per carat and above. 

The overall quality of a Labradorite is determined by its origin, color, clarity and cut. In order to find the gemstone within your budget it is important to familiarize themselves with these parameters.
Labradorite range from grey to grey-black, sprinkled with colourful flashes. These flashes range from blue and green to orange and red, the latter being a rare form of the stone. 
Natural Labradorite stones are grey to grey-black in color accented with colorful flashes. In the market, Labradorite with blue and green flashes are easily available whereas the ones with fiery orange, copper and red flashes are increasingly rare. Dark-colored Labradorite with intense color flashes are considered quite rare and valuable. 
Graded as Type III on clarity indicators, almost every Labradorite stone has some degree of inclusions.  Hence a Labradorite with brilliant flashes and minimum visible flaws  with a smooth surface is considered a top quality gem.
Cut: A well polished and perfectly round/oval/pear shaped Labradorite costs more than a free- form cabochon. 

Origin: Labradorite was first found in the town of Nain in Labrador, Canada. Madagascar, Canada, Finland, Australia, Africa, Newfoundland, Norway the United States and Russia are the few other mining locations of the Labradorite. Gemstones with fiery red and orange flashes or with the full spectrum of colour are considered most valuable and originate from Madagascar or Finand. These superior quality pieces often demand a higher premium.
Carat weight- Labradorites price per carat increases proportionally for stones in the bigger size and higher carat weight as larger stones are readily available in nature.

Labradorite is an interesting gem variety of the Feldspar mineral that exhibits a mesmerizing visual property. It displays bold and colorful internal flashes (metallic luster) when light reflects over its surface. This gemstone lends a mysterious appeal to the jewelry pieces and is also known for having strong healing properties.
The Labradorite is found in India, Finland, Mexico, Madagascar, Newfoundland, Russia and the United States.

It is always recommended to purchase a Labradorite certified by an independent gem testing laboratory.
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(Beware! Fake labs do exist). 

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