Kyanite is a natural, blue colored, semi-precious gemstone from the Silicate mineral family. It can be found in many striking shades like green, orange, black, grey, yellow and white but Blue Kyanites are most popular. This gemstone is recognized for its strong metaphysical and healing properties.

Due to its stunning blue color, Vedic astrologers connect this gemstone with the powerful planet Saturn and prescribe it for people dealing with lack of professional growth, stress and confusion in life. In crystal healing therapies, Kyanite is regarded as a highly effective healing gemstone that can cure numerous physical and psychological issues.

Kyanite is a gorgeous gemstone which is addressed by various other names such as Cyanite Dishene etc. It will be interesting to know that Kyanite meaning is derived from the Greek term ‘Kyanos’ which is roughly translated as deep blue. Astrologically, Blue Kyanite properties are considered helpful for keeping the wearer calm, positive and productive.

Repairs Broken Relationships- According to the therapists, Kyanite healing properties are highly beneficial for individuals struggling in their relationship. Wearing a good quality, natural blue Kyanite benefits such people by reviving love, understanding and affection towards the partner.

Tranquilizes Anxious Mind- In Vedic scriptures, the presence of afflicted or weak Saturn in the individual’s birth chart is considered responsible behind his financial and psychological problems. Astrologers believe that wearing a Blue Kyanite gemstone benefits such individuals in overcoming the stress, confusion, frustration and anxiety in a mature way.

Boosts Communication & Memory- Chakra healing therapies find Kyanite gemstone an effective remedy to improve one’s communication-related issues and poor memory. Healers and therapist strongly believe that the Kyanite stimulates all Chakras of the body for overall wellbeing. Particularly, it stimulates the throat chakra and third eye chakra to improve the ability to express and memorize.

Heals Body Pain & Sensory Ailments- Many Astrologers find the use of Kyanite good for people suffering from chronic body pain, hearing impairment, thyroid, blood pressure, poor eye-sight or loss of smell. Blue Kyanite healing properties benefits the wearer by healing their sensory organs and pain.

Benefits of Kyanite

Bestows Love & Mutual Understanding
Reduces Anxiety & Stress
Improves Communication & Memory
Cures Body Pain & Sensory Ailments

According to the gem traders, Kyanite usually cost an average of Rupees 400 per carat ($6 approx.) but the price of Kyanite also depends on its color, cut and clarity. The most valuable Kyanite stones are often consistent, deep blue in color with a luminous glow and good transparency.

Note- In India, Kyanite price per carat starts from Rupees 400 per carat ($6 approx.) but can reach as high as Rupees 2000 per carat ($30 approx.) for top quality gems. Prices in other countries such as the UK, USA and UAE may vary with the supply and demand cycle.

Buyer Beware: Gemstone Weights in India are often expressed in Ratti (e.g. – Kyanite price per Ratti.). This system can be used to dupe customers who are not knowledgeable on how the conversion works. Read our guide to understanding Gemstone Weights: Carats vs. Ratti, and don’t get Fooled by Gemstone Prices in Ratti, instead of Carats!

Kyanite is a fairly available gemstone but top quality Kyanite are hard to find. Therefore, one needs to consider factors like its origin, color, clarity and cut to find the best piece within the considered budget. When buying a Kyanite gemstone, one must always look for high transparency, minimum inclusions, depth in color and brilliance in luster.
Origin- Gem quality Kyanite rough stone comes from the mining locations of Australia, Brazil, Austria, Kenya, India (Orissa- Blue-green Kyanite stone). Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia, Nepal, Russia, Zimbabwe, Serbia, Switzerland, Tanzania (Orange Kyanite) and the USA. In the international gem market, Nepalese Kyanite is hugely popular for its exceptional blue color and high transparency.
Color- Kyanite color range from various shades of blue to colorless, white, orange, green, indigo, yellow, black and grey. The most popular and highly valued form is the deep blue Kyanite. Apart from the hue, the tone and saturation also affect the quality of a Kyanite gemstone. Because of some geographical factors, Kyanites usually have inconsistent color (called color zoning which means the stone may display multiple shades of blue in a single gemstone) along with white streaks and blotches. The top-quality deep sapphire blue, Paraiba blue and the royal blue Kyanites are quite rare and considered quite precious.
Clarity- In terms of clarity, Kyanite gemstones are transparent to translucent in appearance with few inclusions. Almost all Kyanites stones available in the market have some visible, internal inclusions that lend a slight fibrous look. Therefore, Kyanite gems with minimum visible inclusions, high transparency and vitreous luster are considered to be of superior quality.
Cut- The cutting style also says a lot about the Kyanite gem’s quality. Raw Kyanite with good transparency is often faceted into the beautiful oval, round and pear or heart-shaped gems. In contrast, the highly included Kyanite loose gemstones with strong color zoning are usually shaped as cabochons (polished, non-faceted gems) which are relatively less valuable.

Kyanite is a brilliant gemstone from the Silicate mineral that is found in a variety of colors like blue, green, yellow, grey, orange, green and black. Each Kyanite color has its own beauty and spiritual significance, however the Blue Kyanite stone is exclusively popular for its extravagant charm and a strong metaphysical significance. The top quality Blue Kyanite may appear akin to the precious Blue Sapphire and is therefore recommended as its budget-friendly alternative for jewelry and astrological purposes. The other shaded such as Green Kyanite, Orange Kyanite, Indigo Kyanite and Black Kyanite are mainly worn for healing, protection and ornamentation.
To ensure that you are buying a real, unheated and untreated Kyanite, always ask the seller to provide a gem certificate along with the gemstone. The gem certificate issued by a trusted, authentic gem lab contains all the relevant information and serves as a reliable proof of authenticity. It also provides details about the color, weight, size and treatment indications of the gemstone.
Choosing a trustworthy retailer is another good way to get surety about the quality and authenticity of the Kyanite gemstone you are purchasing. An established brand is always conscious of their reputation. Therefore, they will never use any malpractices that can spoil their brand value in the industry.

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