Kyanite is derived from the Greek word kyanos or kuanos meaning ‘blue’ that represents the popular deep color exhibited by kyanite gemstones. Kyanite is considered to be an aluminum silicate mineral and was also known as disthene or cyanite.

It is an excellent pain-reliever as it treats a wide variety of infections and pains, including those in the throat, brain, and muscles. 
The gemstone also helps in reducing blood pressure.

It encourages the wearer to discover new interests.

Kyanite relieves anger, frustration, and confusion.
Wearing it provides the wearer with strength during stressful circumstances. 
Additionally, it allows one to think clearly and reduces worries. 

The gemstone is associated with the throat chakra, thus making communication effective and meaningful.
Kyanite is an effective stone for meditation.  
It also balances the body and brings harmony. 
Moreover, it can also be used in to help dream reading and to decipher the messages of the universe. 

Kyanite’s price is greatly determined by its origin, color, cut, and clarity. Blue Kyanite from Nepal is priced at a range of Rs.250 ($3.41) per carat to Rs.6000 ($81.88) per carat. 

Nepal produces the best and finest quality Blue Kyanite, while India produces the best and rarest Green Kyanites that are of high price. 

In terms of color, the most valuable are Kyanites with blue shades, similar to those of Sapphires, followed by medium-pale blues with violent undertones. Pale blue shades tend to be lower in value. 

The clarity of Kyanite affects its price. The market is much more likely to pay high prices for Kyanite gemstones with high transparency and brilliant luster, whereas translucent Kyanite can be purchased at a lower price. 

Many factors influence the quality of Kyanite, including origin, color, clarity, and cut. The following are the factors that need to be considered before choosing this gemstone. 

Around the world, there are numerous deposits of Kyanite. It is believed that the best quality gemstones are produced in Australia, Brazil, Austria, Kenya, India, Myanmar, Cambodia, Russia, Nepal, Serbia, Zimbabwe, Switzerland, Tanzania, and the United States.

Kyanite comes in a variety of colors with darker hues and lighter tones. The gemstone ranges in color from blue, green, white, yellow, gray, pink, black, to colorless. It is rare to find colorless Kyanite. One of the most common forms is Blue Kyanite, which is formed when iron and titanium are present.   

According to clarity standards, Kyanite is a Type 3 crystal, creating a transparent and translucent appearance. Kyanite gemstones with natural inclusions are also valuable. The fine quality Kyanite is transparent with brilliant a luster.  

The facets of Kyanite are usually perfectly aligned, which prevents it from being cut or shaped in unconventional ways. Its most popular cuts are pearls, ovals, while its most translucent varieties are beads and cabochons.  

Kyanite is a brilliant gemstone from the Silicate mineral that is found in a variety of colors like blue, green, yellow, grey, orange, green and black. Each Kyanite color has its own beauty and spiritual significance, however the Blue Kyanite stone is exclusively popular for its extravagant charm and a strong metaphysical significance. The top quality Blue Kyanite may appear akin to the precious Blue Sapphire and is therefore recommended as its budget-friendly alternative for jewelry and astrological purposes. The other shaded such as Green Kyanite, Orange Kyanite, Indigo Kyanite and Black Kyanite are mainly worn for healing, protection and ornamentation.
To ensure that you are buying a real, unheated and untreated Kyanite, always ask the seller to provide a gem certificate along with the gemstone. The gem certificate issued by a trusted, authentic gem lab contains all the relevant information and serves as a reliable proof of authenticity. It also provides details about the color, weight, size and treatment indications of the gemstone.
Choosing a trustworthy retailer is another good way to get surety about the quality and authenticity of the Kyanite gemstone you are purchasing. An established brand is always conscious of their reputation. Therefore, they will never use any malpractices that can spoil their brand value in the industry.

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