Iolite (Neeli or Kakaneeli in Hindi) is a violet-blue colored, semi-precious gemstone from the Cordierite mineral family, which exhibits unique visual property called pleochroism. As an astrological substitute of Blue Sapphire (Neelam), it is worn to achieve professional success, financial stability and mental strength.

According to the sacred scriptures, Iolite is the best upratna or substitute of Blue Sapphire gemstone (Neelam) to gain benefic results of planet Saturn. This gemstone is said to have some great metaphysical and healing properties that bring solace to people suffering from depression, disorientation and lack of motivation in life.

Promotes Professional Success – Being associated with Saturn - the ‘Lord of Justice’, Iolite gemstone is known to compensate the individuals with just rewards and recognition. Therefore, Neeli stone benefits the professional lacking lack of growth and occupational success.

Cures Unhealthy Addictions – According to the astrologers, Iolite healing properties activates the Crown Chakra and helps the wearer to gain control over the bad addictions and negative thoughts. Therefore, Nili gemstone benefits hugely to the individuals addicted to smoking, drinking or drug abuse etc.

Bestows Mental Peace & Sound Sleep – As per the traditional belief, wearing Neeli gemstone benefits the sleep cycle of the wearer and helps them to stay calm and composed. Astrologers believe that Neeli benefits can surpass almost every other stone when it comes to curing psychological problems.

Iolite stone price per carat largely depends upon its quality (color, clarity and cut), size and origin.

Note – Currently, Neeli gemstone price in India starts from Rs 300 carat ($5 approx.) and can reach up to Rs 3,000 per carat ($45 approx.) plus depending upon its quality and size. The prices in other countries such as USA, UK and UAE may vary because of the difference in demand and supply cycle.

Origin – A majority of good quality Iolite gems come from Indian subcontinent which can rival many other beautiful blue gemstones with its enchanting blue color and eye catchy luster. Thus, Indian Iolites are highly valued in the gemstone industry.
Color – Iolite gemstone value depends majorly on the color tone and saturation. A uniformly saturated, soft medium violet-blue Iolite gemstone is considered most desirable and precious. In contrast, too pale or excessive dark (with inky strains) blue Iolite gemstones are considered relatively less valuable.
Clarity – Eye-clean Iolite gemstone with optimum transparency draws higher value than the included ones. The presence of visible inclusions, scratches or pits often reduce the price of Iolite gemstone in the market.
Cut – Cut and shape also bears an influence on the overall value of Iolite. Highly faceted (cushion, square, trillion cut) Iolite usually demand a higher value than oval and round Iolite stones due to the gemstone loss incurred in the cutting process. One can go for Iolite cabochons (non-faceted, polished gems) in case they are looking for a cheaper option.
Carat weight – Top-quality Iolite in big sizes are rarely found in nature. Therefore, Iolite price per carat increases substantially for stones above few carats.

Attractive and affordable, Iolite gemstone is worn as an astrological as well as jewelry gemstone. When buying Iolite, the quality of a blue Iolite gemstone is determined on the basis of its origin, color, clarity, and cut to ensure purchase of best quality Iolite gemstone.

Origin – Iolite gem deposits are present in Myanmar (Burma), India, Brazil, Madagascar, USA and Sri Lanka. Amongst all these origin varieties, Indian Iolite and Madagascar Iolite are highly sought-after for their shiny vitreous luster and brilliant hue.
Color – Iolite color ranges from light to deep blue color, usually with a purplish tinge. Being a pleochroic gemstone (also called Dichroite), this gemstone exhibits different color tones from different angles. Bluish violet Iolite, Bluish purple Iolite, yellowish grey Iolite are some common color varieties. Generally, a bright medium to deep blue-colored Iolite gemstone is considered most desirable for astrological use.
Clarity – Iolite is a Type II clarity gemstone. It is commonly transparent with few visible natural inclusions. Iolite crystals are often included with mineral inclusions, metallic platelets and rutile etc. As per the trade rule, lesser is the inclusions, higher is the quality of Iolite gemstone. Iolite containing brownish to reddish platelets are known as ‘Bloodshot Iolite’ and is considered quite valuable because of its rare availability.
Cut – Blue Iolite gemstone displays pleochroism (phenomena in which the gemstone reflects different colors when viewed from different angles). Therefore, cutting an Iolite rough needs special attention to maintain the brightness and shimmer. Quality-wise, a skilfully faceted Iolite gem displays the best color, clarity and luster is considered best for purchase.

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