In the form of “Kaal Sarpa Yog” created by Rahu or Ketu or “Mahadasha”, Gomed is here to shield you from hardships and ill-fortune.
Hessonite originates its name from the Greek word ‘hesson’, meaning ‘inferior’. Not an inferior gemstone but its low density and hardness make it inferior compared to the other species of garnet stones. It varies in shade from yellow to brown to reddish-brown. Sometimes, Hessonite is also known as “Cinnamon Stone” due to its color.
This gemstone belongs to the Grossular Garnet family. Hessonite was thought to be zircon until Sir Arthur Herbert Church showed them to be Hessonite many years ago. Also, Hessonite is represented by “Rahu” or “Dragon’s head”. The homogeneous cow urine colored Gomed or Hessonite is believed to counterbalance the impact of Rahu on the wearer and protect their energy fields from negative effects. 

Asthma, indigestion, and anxiety can all be alleviating by taking this herb.
The clearing of confusion is facilitated by it. 
The stone is beneficial for people with sinusitis and heart palpitations.  
In addition, it heals cancer and addresses eye and fatigue problems. 

It helps those in the fields of Public Relations, Event Management, Trade commissioning services.
It helps a person in accumulating wealth. 
It is beneficial for students who are involved in research.
Concentration and focus are boosted and goals are set clearer when one uses Gomed. 

Fears can be released through it. 
Those who suffer from anxiety and stress may find it helpful. 
Bringing peace and harmony to a marriage is one of the effects of this stone. 

It gives clarity of thought.
This relieves mental confusion. 

This stone prevents the horrendous effects of Kaal Sarpa Dosha (the curse of snakes).
An individual who wears Gomed does not succumb to any kind of black magic, is always on the top of his/ her enemies, and always wins competitions. 
It also easies the negative effects of Rahu’s Mahadasha. 

Life brings five fruits
One may rightly consider this as the most superior Hessonite’s benefit because it brings the purpose of one’s life into focus. A wearer of this talisman will reap five fruits listed below-
Meditation (Dhyana)
Financial Prosperity (Artha)
Righteous Living (Dharma)
Necessary pleasures of the body (Kama)
Ultimate cheerful Salvation/Nirvana (Moksha)

Day, Time, and Metal for Hessonite:
Saturday morning between 5 a.m. and 7 the best time to wear Gomed. If you want optimal results, silver should be the metal of choice. A silver ring is an appropriate option to wear this stone.  

Pooja, Mantra, and Finger:
The best finger to wear a Hessonite stone ring is determined by consulting an expert astrologer. The stone should be kept in honey or Ganga Jal to purify it from all the negativity. Also, the mantra for the same is “Om Rang Rahave Namaha” ॐ रां राहवे नमः (108 times).

Who can wear the gemstone?
 In India, Hessonite is associated with Rahu and can be worn by those with Aquarius sign (कुंभ राशि). It can be worn by Gemini signs according to western astrology. You may also wear it if your ascendant or rising sign is Libra and Taurus.

Cinnamon stones vary in price based on a variety of factors, such as country, cut, clarity, color, carat weight, and treatment. The stone is priced from Rs.125 ($2) per carat to Rs.4600 ($70) per carat.
The heart of the Hessonite stones industry is in Sri Lanka; however, other regions, including India, Africa, Austria, and Thailand also produce this stone. Ceylon Gomed stones are the most desirable variety. Additionally, the price of Ceylon Gomed is considerably higher than the price of Gomed stones from India or Africa.
A variety of shades of dark honey yellow to reddish-orange is available in Hessonite. Ideally, the color should be deep honey or reddish-orange. The stone with a color resembling cow’s urine is most expensive due to its astrological benefits.  
Hessonite is classified as clear or cloudy, depending on the location and volume of inclusions. Hessonite has toffee-like streaks or black spots. Gomed without eye visibility inclusions is relatively rare and expensive. Furthermore, these stones will cost a lot per carat.  

Hessonites stones are cut in accordance with the shades of the material to enhance its sightliness. Highly faceted stones are more expensive due to the waste incurred in manufacturing compared to those with a poor cut. 

Carat weight-
This factor affects pricing in two ways: if the stone is of the same quality, but weighs differently, then the price increase; and if the stone is flawless and is of high quality, then the price may also increase. 

The value of the stone will decrease if the stone is heat-treated or undergoes any other treatment, as these stones are not perfect for astrological reasons. 

Hessonite is an important stone due to its association with Rahu. This stone has different characteristics and factors that determine its quality. Here is the list given below-
Hessonite is found in-
Sri Lanka
There is an abundance of high-quality Hessonite in Sri Lanka. They are well-known for their astrological benefits and color saturation. Alternatively, Indian Hessonites or Black Gomed has a less brilliant appearance and includes visible inclusions. 

A hallmark of Hessonite is its warm yellow to a deep reddish tone. Additionally, it occurs in the color of orange, dark brown, and reddish-brown. It is sometimes referred to as “cinnamon stone” both because of its color and it is obtained from Ceylon, which is now known as Sri Lanka, the land of Spices. The stone with the color of cow’s urine are renowned as the most desirable. 

Depending on the Garnet type, this factor varies. Inclusions can occur in several types of Garnet but not all. The inclusions in Hessonite appear as dots or streak that resembles toffee. Gomed also has some invisible inclusions (oily spots or liquid inclusions) which can only be seen by a microscope. The location as well as the volume of inclusions can have a detrimental effect on the quality of the gemstone. 

Note- An exceptional Hessonite garnet is transparent, has intense color, and is almost inclusion free. 

The essential price driver for Hessonites is the shade of their rough material (their color). In order to fit their raw material into the color they desire, they cut Hessonites as per the shade. It is suggested that deeper cut allows for more light to pass through the gem, and shallow cuts allow for more light to be held in by the Hessonite and increase saturation. 

Carat Weight-
This factor, normally, works by increasing or decreasing the carats where a gram is equal to 5 carats. Hessonites differ in this factor as the weight in this stone is defined by the depth and shallowness of the cut according to their geological formation. According to their geological formation, Hessonites differ in this aspect, as their weight would depend on the depth and shallowness of the cut. It appears visually smaller when a deep cut Hessonite is compared with a shallow cut Hessonite.                                  

The astrological benefits of hessonite are best obtained when the stone is untreated and unheated. We, Zodiac Gems offer you natural, unheated stones. 

Hessonite gemstone represents planet Rahu in vedic astrology which is a malefic planet by nature. A strong, powerful but negatively placed Rahu leads to chaos and turbulence in people’s lives, causing financial losses along with intellectual or moral bankruptcy. Wearing Gomedhikam during Mahadasha of Rahu helps the native to overcome these tribulations. It is thus recommended to wear Hessonite in Rahu-dasha. However, a thorough consultation of birth chart or kundli is must to know who can wear gomed stone.
Dark colored, transparent and inclusion free Gomed are best for astrological purpose. Sri Lankan or Cinnamon Gomed is the most sought-after variety for superior astrological results.
It is important that the wearing procedure of gomed is followed with utmost care. Wearing time, metal, chanting mantra or pooja generalization, all are important enough to be followed carefully. For best and quick results, one should wear hessonite silver ring on the finger recommended after consulting an expert astrologer.

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