Hessonite garnet stone is a deep brown or honey colored, semi-precious gemstone from the grossular Garnet mineral family. It is worn to overcome negative effects of Rahu as well as to gain power, wealth and success in public careers, jobs and businesses.

Increased Income– Gomedh or Gomedak, helps in acquisition of wealth if Rahu is placed positively in the native’s horoscope. Incoming financial gains from different sources is one of the many known benefits of wearing gomed.
Improved Position and Power– It is believed that when Rahu occupies a favorable position in an individual’s horoscope, a person can influence public opinions in his favor. Wearing it is thus considered to be immensely beneficial for people working in public relations, diplomatic positions, commissioning trades and event management.
Creativity, Clarity and Confidence– Gomed ratna is particularly beneficial for people who are prone to fear, anxiety or stress in day to day lives. It helps in dispelling confusion, timidity and fear from the minds, thereby improving mental concentration and focus of the wearer.
Better Gastric, Respiratory and Mental Health– One of the positive effects of wearing gomed is the steady relief from disorders like Indigestion, Asthma and Anxiety etc. However, it is important that the person knows how to identify and wear original, jyotish quality Gomed to ensure astrological benefits.

Price of Gomed is influenced by many factors including size and weight, overall clarity, color, origin and treatment meted out to the stone. Gomed stone price in India can range from ₹ 125 per carat (2 $) to as far as ₹ 4,600 per carat (70 $).

Weight– Bigger, original gemstones come with a cost. If quality remains same, increase in carat weight pushes the Hessonite stone price further north. Also, prices may rise dramatically for flawless, high quality gomed.
Clarity– Location, volume and nature of inclusions altogether influence the price of gomed ratan. A clear, transparent hessonite garnet stone commands high premium than others. Gomed stone price per carat will always be more for such a stone.
Origin– Although, found abundantly in Asia, Africa, Australia and South America, garnet of Sri Lankan origin is the most sought-after variety of gomed. Ceylon gomed stone price is almost always higher compared to other origins. African gomed or Indian gomed are reasonably cheaper because of high inclusions.
Treatment– Heat or color treatment is done to increase the worth of gemstones in the market. Usually, an untreated gomed is more valuable and astrologically effective than artificially enhanced gemstones.
Cut– Gemstones are cut to improve their aesthetics. Due to the stone wastage incurred in the process, price of faceted cut gomed is usually more than a round or cabochon hessonite, if quality and size remains same.

Gomed is an important astrological gemstone because of its ability to ease off negative influences of Rahu-Mahadasha in the native’s birth-chart. It is thus important to ensure that the chosen gemstone is worth wearing. To ensure value for money, look for the following aspects before you buy the best quality Gomed gemstone online.

Origin– Hessonite mines are found in India, Sri Lanka, Africa, Austria and Thailand. However, Ceylon or Saloni gomed is the most popular origin because of its relatively superior quality and excellent color saturation. Indian Hessonite or Black Gomed has low luster and high visible, black, spot-like inclusions, making it a less desirable variety both astrologically and aesthetically.
Color– Color of gomed covers a broad range from honey-yellow to deep reddish brown. However, gomed stone color resembling the color of Cow’s urine is most desirable.
Clarity– Visible inclusions in hessonite occur as toffee-like streaks or black spots. Invisible inclusions like oily dots or liquid inclusions if present, can be seen using a microscope. Not only volume but location of inclusions can also degrade the quality of the gemstone significantly. A premium quality hessonite garnet stone will be rich in color, transparent and nearly inclusion free.

Hessonite gemstone represents planet Rahu in vedic astrology which is a malefic planet by nature. A strong, powerful but negatively placed Rahu leads to chaos and turbulence in people’s lives, causing financial losses along with intellectual or moral bankruptcy. Wearing Gomedhikam during Mahadasha of Rahu helps the native to overcome these tribulations. It is thus recommended to wear Hessonite in Rahu-dasha. However, a thorough consultation of birth chart or kundli is must to know who can wear gomed stone.
Dark colored, transparent and inclusion free Gomed are best for astrological purpose. Sri Lankan or Cinnamon Gomed is the most sought-after variety for superior astrological results.
It is important that the wearing procedure of gomed is followed with utmost care. Wearing time, metal, chanting mantra or pooja generalization, all are important enough to be followed carefully. For best and quick results, one should wear hessonite silver ring on the finger recommended after consulting an expert astrologer.

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