Hematite is the ultimate grounding stone for the body, counteracting confusion and supporting pragmatic actions to pursue the highest goals. 


The word hematite is derived from the Latin word ‘haima’, which means blood. It was given the name because of the rust-red color that resembles the color of blood. Due to the iron oxidation, the Red Hematite has a rusty reddish color rather than being bright and vibrant.


Hematite is an iron oxide crystal found in rocks and soils and is an important ore of iron. It occurs in a range of colors from black to silver-gray to brown to reddish-brown.


It helps to maintain healthy circulation in the body. 

People who suffer from high blood pressure, blood clots, heavy periods, or any other blood flow

        problem benefit from Hematite.

It helps in detoxifying the body and absorbing all nutrients properly. 


The gemstone instills courage, the strength of will, and confidence-enhancing abilities in people. 

It increases self-esteem.

Hematite is known to deliver strength and absorb all the negative energies.

Additionally, it is powerful enough to dispel negativity when placed around your house.  


When kept in an office, it enhances concentration. 

Artists can also benefit from it since it is useful for those involved in creative fields. 


The benefits of Hematite include the activation and balancing of the root chakra, which keeps a person grounded and helps

         maintains a healthy energy level. 

Hematite also promotes balance in one’s life. 

Hematitetends to be inexpensive, however, certain expectations, such as color, clarity,etc, can influence the price of the gemstone.


Hematite is usually opaque with aslightly dull or shiny appearance. Smooth polished Hematite with a mirrorfinish is highly sought after.


Hematite with the gray color in auniform distribution has a high value on the market. The darkness of the graycolor, however, is a matter of preference not of value. Some prefer the almostblack version, while others prefer silver tones. Those gemstones that display arich red streak tend to have a higher market value. Additionally, RainbowHematite gemstones command a premium price because of their authenticity andnatural qualities.


The quality of Hematite depends on several factors, such as origin, color, cut, and clarity. The following factors should be taken into account when purchasing this gemstone. 


Hematite is found in-


Islands of Elba in Italy





Hematite is an opaque gemstone. When angled towards the source of light, there is no penetration of light even at the edges. 

Cut and Shape-

In light of its opaque nature, Hematite is seldom faceted and is generally cut and polished into smooth cabochons as a result. A variety of shapes can be cut from them, including round, oval, pear, marquise, and any other shape. 


In crystals, Hematite gemstones typically have a metallic or steel-gray to black appearance. Hematite gemstones are also found in earthy, compact, fine-grained forms ranging from dull “rust-red” to bright red. 

Hematites are ideal for pendants. Their eye-catching silvery shine and large sizes make them suitable for this kind of jewelry. Wearing this as an item of jewelry for too long or while you sleep, however, may not be such a good idea due to its spiritual power.


Hematite gemstones should be placed in separate bags to prevent scratching by harder gemstones. Furthermore, these gemstones should be cleaned using a solvent or harsh chemical, but simply by using warm soapy water.

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