Green Beryl

In ancient Greek, beryllos is translated as ‘precious blue-green stone’ and the word beryl gets its name from the old French beril, the Latin beryllus, and the Old French beril. Pure Beryl is normally colorless, but it is frequently tinted with impurities, giving it colors like green, blue, yellow, red, etc. Beryl in the pale green hue is known as Green Beryl. It is iron-rich and thus green. 

People suffering from ear, eye, and skin diseases benefit from it.
It aids in the treatment of allergies and nervous conditions. 
Green Beryl is beneficial in the fields of finance, banking, the stock market, and other related fields.  
The gemstone is also beneficial for those who are involved in creative endeavors.
Media, public relations, and mass communication professionals benefit from it. 
Wearing it helps the ability to speak and communicate. 

This gemstone is useful for addressing issues that are related to speech and low confidence. 
It improves one’s senses and relaxes the mind.
Green Beryl helps those going through stressful times. 
Moreover, it is good for mental clarity. 

Compared to Green Beryl, Emeralds are rare and have far more attractive colors. These two factors make Emeralds significantly more valuable than Green Beryls. Green Beryls are comparatively inexpensive compared to Emerald. There is a wide disparity between their price and value. Green Beryls are about ten times more affordable

Green Beryl’s quality is greatly influenced by a number of factors, including the country of origin, color, clarity, and cut. Here is the list of the factors to consider when buying and choosing Green Beryl. 

Green Beryl is found in-
South America
Southern Africa

Green Beryls do not look green enough. The color of these gemstones ranges from light green to pale green. Green Beryls tend to be too light or have a low saturation level to be classified as Emerald. 

In contrast to Emeralds which contain three-phase inclusions, Green Beryls have fewer inclusions. The inclusions in the gemstones are less and are not visible to the naked eye. 

Green Beryls are available in a variety of gem cuts. There are numerous traditional cuts for Green Beryl, such as round, oval, cushion, and many more. But Beryls work particularly well with rectangular or square step cuts.

Beryl is primarily a healing gemstone which can be worn anytime by anybody. At Zodiacgems, you can choose to get the Beryl set in a pendant, ring or a bracelet. 

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