Green Amethyst

Green Amethyst, also known as Prasiolite, is a semi-precious stone that displays a light green color. It belongs to Quartz mineral family, is considered highly effective for improving spiritual serenity and communication skills.
Prasiolite, also known as Green Amethyst,  comes from two Greek words- ‘Prason’ ( leek- green onion) and ‘Lithos’ (stone), therefore Prasiolite meaning is ‘leak colored stone’. This name was given to the mineral by the color of its appearance

Green Amethyst is beneficial for individuals suffering from skin infections and blood-related problems.
This gemstone is helpful for immune related diseases.

These gemstones will increases productivity of an individual.
Vedic astrologers believe that Green Amethyst enhances one’s communication skills and intellect since Mercury is associated with it. 
An individual is clear-minded and goal-oriented when wearing Green Amethyst. 
This gemstone is beneficial for overcoming a variety of challenges. 

It is recommended to use Green Amethyst for emotional healing.
Depression, anxiety, and stress are relieved with it. 
Additionally, it is helpful for individuals with difficulties concentrating, expressing themselves, or speaking clearly. 
It makes one more positive about life.

Green Amethyst connects directly to the heart chakra and supports the development of the third eye and crown chakras. As a result, many people use this gemstone to calm tense nerves, to create harmony and concord in their relationships.
Day, Time, and Metal for Prasiolite:
It is recommended to wear the Prasiolite gemstone on Wednesday in the morning between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m. during Shukla Paksha. It would be best to wear in gold but platinum, panchadhaatu, silver, and white gold can also be used in certain cases.
Pooja, Mantra, and Finger:
If the gemstone is set in a ring then it should be worn on the ring finger or little finger of the working hand. The gemstone should be washed with sacred water i.e. Ganga Jal or cow’s milk to purify it from all the negativity. 

Who can wear the gemstone?
Green Amethyst can be worn by anyone, regardless of their zodiac sign, since it is a healing stone and has no negative effect on the wearer. It is considered the birthstone for the Cancer zodiac sign by western astrology. 

Green Amethyst in India costs approximately Rs. 150 per carat ($2.5) to Rs. 250 per carat ($4 approximately). Furthermore, its origin, color, clarity, cut, and carat weight significantly impacts its price.
Brazilian Prasiolite holds a high price in the market due to its fine color and clarity. They are mostly found in natural forms without being heated, which make them highly desirable. 

A major factor influencing price is the color of Green Amethyst, which makes it distinct from its purple variant. Green Amethyst’s price is affected by two factors: color depth and distribution. Deeper, brighter hues cost more than inconsistent, paler hues. 

Green Amethyst is classified as Type 2 in clarity standards. They are usually impure; contain negative crystals, solid particles, and internal fractures, which compromise their clarity. Gemstones with high transparency are rare and are valued well. 

The price of Green Amethyst is greatly affected by the cut. Traditional shapes with well-defined proportions make Prasiolite appear to be flawless, hiding flaws and enhancing color. A round or oval cut is less expensive compared to fancy cuts, which result in increased market prices due to wastage incurred during the cutting process. 

Carat Weight-
Prasiolite with large sizes, fine colors, and clarity is extremely rare. In the market, such Prasiolite is rare and holds high value. 

The value of a Prasiolite is determined by examining certain factors related to its quality, including its origin, color, clarity, and cut. 

Green Amethyst is found in the mines of- 
United States of America
Green Amethysts are rare and found in limited quantities in the mines given above. Additionally, Brazilian Prasiolite has always been in demand and is highly desired due to its pure natural form, vibrant green hue, and, and exceptional clarity.   

Prasiolite’s green hues range from pale green to golden green and brownish green. The gemstone becomes less desirable because of yellowish overtones or brownish shades that reduce its purity.

Green Amethyst is characterized by maintaining high transparency with minimal inclusions invisible to the naked eyes. The prices of such gemstones are comparatively high.  

Green Amethyst’s color and brilliance are greatly influenced by the cut. The gemstone usually appears as oval, round, cushion cuts. 

Yes, a fine quality Green Amethyst can help you achieve the astrological benefits from planet Mercury. However, it is not considered as effective as an Emerald which is the primary astrological gemstone to strengthen Mercury.
It should be a minimum 1/10th of the body weight. E.g. A person weighing 60 kgs, can wear a 5-carat Green Amethyst which bears a bright and pure colour. It should be worm as a Gold ring in ring finger or the little finger. It may also be set in Panchdhaatu, Platinum, White Gold and Silver, in exceptional cases. It should be worn on a Wednesday morning (between 5 a.m. to 7 a.m.) during Shukla Paksha.
No, all Green Amethysts are not synthetic but it is quite common to find heat-treated Amethyst due to the extremely limited availability of its natural form. To deal with its market demand, the low-quality Citrines and Amethysts are heat treated to produce the green coloured Amethyst. 

It is always recommended to purchase a Prasiolite gemstone certified by an independent gem testing laboratory such as GIA, GRS, GII etc.
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(Beware! Fake labs do exist). 

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