Green Amethyst

Coming from the Quartz mineral family, the Green Amethyst or the Prasiolite is a semi-precious gemstone that bears a light green-coloured and is highly transparent. Green Amethyst is also known by different trade names such as Vermarine stone, Lime Citrine, Green Quartz stone, Mint Quartz, Amegreen crystal etc. It is used for both therapeutic as well as astrological purposes.

Green Amethyst is a green quartz gem that represents planet Mercury, while Western astrology recommends the Prasiolite birthstone for Cancer sign. It is recommended as the alternative of February birthstone. It also holds high significance has a healing gemstone. Other benefits of the stone are as follows.
Improves meditative abilities
Boosts speech and concentration
Rejuvenates skin and nerves
Brings harmony in relationships

Green Amethyst price in India ranges from ₹ 150 per carat ($2.5) to ₹ 250 per carat ($4) and above.

The quality of a Prasiolite gemstone is assessed with parameters like origin, colour, cut, and clarity etc. Therefore, having a good prior knowledge of these factors ensures a fair purchase.

Origin: Considered a rare gemstone, the Green Amethyst is produced in limited quantities in the mines of Brazil, U.S.A, Bolivian, India, Canada, Tanzania and Arizona. Amongst these, the Brazilian Prasiolite is said to be the finest variant due to its exceptional colour and clarity.
Colour: The Prasiolite displays many shades of green such as pale green, golden green, brownish green etc. Amongst these, gemstones that displays a uniform medium green tone is said to be of finest quality. Yellowish or brownish hints with dusky overtones lessen the value of the gemstone.
Clarity: Categorised as a Type II clarity gemstone, the Prasiolite will usually have inclusions like liquid inclusions, negative crystal, tiny solid particles and natural internal fractures. Due to this, a highly transparent and mostly eye clean Prasiolite crystal is a rare find and commands a high premium in the market.
Cut:  Cut and shape also bear an influence on the overall value of Prasiolites. Faceted Prasiolites are available but far more expensive, owing to the skill required and the gemstone loss that is incurred in the cutting process. Cabochons or round and oval cuts are more affordable overall.
Carat Weight: The price per carat of a Prasiolite increases exponentially for a gemstone bigger than a few carats, owing to its rarity.

Yes, a fine quality Green Amethyst can help you achieve the astrological benefits from planet Mercury. However, it is not considered as effective as an Emerald which is the primary astrological gemstone to strengthen Mercury.
It should be a minimum 1/10th of the body weight. E.g. A person weighing 60 kgs, can wear a 5-carat Green Amethyst which bears a bright and pure colour. It should be worm as a Gold ring in ring finger or the little finger. It may also be set in Panchdhaatu, Platinum, White Gold and Silver, in exceptional cases. It should be worn on a Wednesday morning (between 5 a.m. to 7 a.m.) during Shukla Paksha.
No, all Green Amethysts are not synthetic but it is quite common to find heat-treated Amethyst due to the extremely limited availability of its natural form. To deal with its market demand, the low-quality Citrines and Amethysts are heat treated to produce the green coloured Amethyst. 

It is always recommended to purchase a Prasiolite gemstone certified by an independent gem testing laboratory such as GIA, GRS, GII etc.
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