The color green is primordial to the world, and that which gives it its essence. As green as grass, Emerald brings harmony to your life, fosters joy, and elevates positivity, and balances your emotional state.

Green is the meaning of the Latin word “smaragdus”, hence the name “emerald.” The Sanskrit term “marakata” also means emerald. Emerald is also known as Panna is a type of beryllium mineral. It is a stone of truth as well as eloquent speaking. This stone also refers to the planet “Mercury” or “Budh” so that its only meaning is directly connected with “Budh”, therefore, emerald is also “Budh Ratna”.
The gemstone Emerald has been associated with the planet Mercury, the bringer of intellect, speech, memory, short travel, wisdom, and intuitive power. Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt has been known to be fond of emeralds and this gem was her favorite

This stone helps one overcome depression and insomnia. 
Delivery and labor are facilitated by this.
It is used to treat skin, ear, and eye problems.

It is beneficial to those working in fields such as finance, banking, book-keeping, stock market, etc.
Furthermore, it is a benefit in creative endeavors like mass communication, public relations, and media. 
Fame and reputation can be gained through it. 

It brings generosity to one’s life.
In relationships, it improves understanding.
It brings joy and love into relationships. 

It boosts the ability to reason and to be spiritual.
Furthermore, it leads to a happy, prosperous life by enhancing peace of mind. 

Day, Time, and Metal for Emerald:
It is recommended to wear Emerald stone on Wednesday after sunrise. It would be best to wear gold in metal for optimal results, but it can also be worn in silver, white gold, platinum, or panchdhatu.

Pooja, Mantra, and Finger:
If the gemstone is set in a ring then it should be worn on the little finger or ring finger of the working hand. It should be washed with sacred water i.e. Ganga Jal or cow’s milk to purify it from all the negativity. Also, the mantra for the same is ‘Om Budhaye Namah’ ॐ बुधाय नमः (108 Times).

Who can wear the gemstone?
In India, Emerald is the birthstone for June and can be worn by those with मिथुन (Gemini) and कन्या (Virgo) rashi/sign. It can be worn by Cancer signs according to western astrology. You may also wear it if your ascendant or rising sign is Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius. 

The price of Emerald stone ranges from Rs. 800 ($12.30) to Rs. 2, 00,000 ($3076) per carat. There are certain factors that determine the price of the stone. These factors include the following: 

The origin of an Emerald stone greatly affects its quality. Colombian and Zambian vie for first place in the list, followed by the Brazilian Emerald. 

The color of an Emerald stone stems from its iron content. A stone with too much iron will have a bluish tone, lowering its value. Further, greener stones will hold more value and prices whereas duller and paler stones will have lower prices.  

An extremely desirable stone is one with no inclusions. As a result, visible inclusions in Emerald lower their value, keeping them as Type 3 in the clarity indicator scale. 

Poorly faceted or round cuts will costs less than highly faceted ones that incur high cost due to excess wastage during the manufacturing process. 

Carat Weight- 
Carat weight is the least influential factor, but it can be Emerald’s price, especially when size and clarity exist side by side. It is rare to find an Emerald with an eye-clear clarity above a few carats due to the relatively high inclusions found in the stone. 

A gemstone undergoes a variety of treatments to increase its physical properties and smooth out cracks and inclusions. Similarly, Emeralds are also subject to certain treatments that include colorless oiling that is accepted, but stones with hard epoxy-like resins lower the value, so the stone’s price is lowered. 

Several factors determine the quality of Emerald. Below are the details:

Emerald is found in-
United States
More desirable- Colombian Emeralds   
Less desirable-Brazilian Emeralds

Emerald’s color ranges from a little bluish tone to a little yellowish tone.  This stone is generally worthless when is paler in tone. A deep green color is most desired in Emeralds. Also, the very pale colors of Emeralds are known as Green Beryl. It is the deep green color that is most desirable, while pale green shades are called Green Beryl. 

In almost all origins, there will be three-phase inclusions including crystals, liquid films, and gas bubbles. Most Natural Emeralds have eye-visible characteristics, such as inclusions, fractures that reach beyond the surface, or healed fractures.  

Emeralds are cut into various shapes, including rounds, cushions, and princesses. The cost of cutting a heavily faceted Emerald is higher than one that is round or oval, due to the wastage caused by the cutting process.

It refers to the glass-like appearance in the stone. This effect enhances the value of the stone                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

As the colour of Emerald is of high value in Vedic astrology, Colombian Emeralds are considered to be ideal for the same. The presence of excess iron found in the Zambian Emerald causes a bluish tint, which lessens its astrological value. 
In order to select an Emerald for your needs, it is important to determine the nature of its usage – whether cosmetic or astrological. If chosen for the former, you may go for a cleaner gemstone and if it is being used for the later - you must give the colour more preference. Also seeing the overall worth of this highly popular gemstone, it is colour that dominates the price and not clarity. For this reason, worth of Colombian emerald in international or national markets is considered the most compared to other origins.
Cracks and inclusions while looking similar to the naked eye are different in their very nature. Inclusions are natural imperfections, originating right when the gemstone is being processed in nature and a crack is the inclusion gone wary which reached up to the surface of the gemstone; they also appear much later in the process. Inclusions are induced naturally whereas cracks may happen due to incorrect handling of the gemstones.
As per Vedic astrology recommendations, you may wear an emerald ring in the little finger or the ring finger (in exceptional cases) of the working hand for best astrological results. 

It is always recommended to purchase an Emerald certified by an independent gem testing laboratory.
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(Beware! Fake labs do exist). 

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