Citrine originates its name from the French word “citron”, which means lemon. Its name refers to the stone’s color. Moreover, Citrine replaced the traditional term “yellow quartz”. 

Citrine was one of Queen Victoria’s favorite stones. She wore it as jewelry when she hosted parties at Balmoral Castle. Greeks and Romans used this gem in early Hellenistic times. In addition, this gemstone has been used to embellish dagger handles in Scotland. 


Citrine is beneficial for those suffering from chronic fatigue.
It contributes to a healthy digestive system.
Blood circulation and thyroid health are also improved with the help of this stone.
Women who are pregnant or trying to conceive benefit from it.
In addition, it soothes allergies and all sorts of skin irritations. 
This gemstone is also effective for treating the immune system, sleep disorders, kidney, urinary, and endocrine problems. 
It can also ease pain associated with menstruation and problems related to irregular cycles. 

Merchant’s Stone or Money’s Stone
Citrine allows set financial goals such as saving, investing, or maximizing income. It controls spending when kept in a pocket. Money Stone’s greatest strength lies in its ability to boost motivation and willpower. Businessmen are also encouraged to keep their cash boxes full by Merchant’s Stone.
Success Stone
Citrine gemstone symbolizes a successful career and financial situation. It is believed to increase self-belief, happiness, and willpower. Also, this gemstone augments and magnifies the individual’s energy and power.
It is also beneficial for people in the marketing and banking fields as well as those preparing for competitive exams.
It releases negative emotions and anger.
Phobias are easier to overcome when a person wears Citrine. 
Citrine boosts the feeling of self-worth in a person.
Moreover, it brings a sense of creativity. 
Negativity around and from relationships is also removed by this gemstone.
Fresh hopes are sparked by it. 
Citrine will lead to happy married life.
As a chakra stone for the solar plexus and third eye, Citrine amplifies personal power and effort, as well as boosting the wearer’s stamina.

Day, Time, and Metal for Citrine:
It is recommended to wear the Citrine stone on Thursday in the morning between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m. during Shukla Paksha. It would be best to wear in silver and gold but platinum, panchadhaatu, and white gold can also be used in certain cases.
Pooja, Mantra, and Finger:
If the gemstone is set in a ring then it should be worn on the index finger of the working hand. It should be washed with sacred water i.e. Ganga Jal or cow’s milk to purify it from all the negativity. Also, the mantra for the same is “Om Brim Brihaspataye Namaha ॐ ब्रिम बृहस्पतये नमः” (108 times)

Who can wear the gemstone?
In India, Citrine can be worn by those with Pisces sign (मीन राशि) and Sagittarius sign (धनु राशि). It is considered the birthstone for the Sagittarius zodiac sign by western astrology. Citrine gemstone can also be worn by people with Aries, Cancer, Leo, and Scorpio signs.

Citrine is priced between Rs. 125 ($2 approximately) to Rs. 400 ($6 approximately) and above in India. Additionally, there are other characteristics that affect the price of Citrine, such as origin, clarity, color, and carat weight.

Citrine gemstones from Brazil are regarded as the most desirable variety because of their high color and clarity. Besides Brazilian Citrine gemstones, African Citrine also has good value on the market.

Color is the primary factor determining the quality of Citrine gemstones. Generally, Citrine gemstones prices are higher when the color is bright. In the market, dull and light-colored stones with low color intensity, saturation, and color zoning fetch lower prices. 

Clarity also has a great impact on the price of Citrine. The quantity, location, and density of the inclusions play a major role in determining transparency. In the market, eye-clean Citrine holds greater value than gemstones with more inclusions, which may hold fewer prices. 

Citrine gemstones may vary in price according to their cut style. In the market, Citrines with emerald cuts, cushion cuts, etc are highly valued for the high amount of waste created during the cutting process. 

Carat Weight-
When it comes to Citrine gemstones, the carat weight does not increase rapidly with size. There can, however, be a price difference for high-quality gemstones

Citrine quality is greatly influenced by several factors including its origin, color, clarity, cut, and treatment. The following factors are important to consider-

Citrine is found in- 
United States of America
Brazil is the world’s leading supplier of Citrine, known for its excellent color and clarity. There are also good quality Citrine gemstones in Africa mining areas. 

Citrine’s quality is determined by its color. The color should be uniform with a medium saturation level. From lemon yellow to natural bright yellow, Citrine gemstones can be found in a variety of colors. Stones that have red flashes or a brown tint are not astrologically significant.  
Citrine is graded as Type 1 in clarity standards. These gemstones are nearly free of inclusions or zoning in color. Natural inclusions, such as fractures, and zebra or tiger stripes, can sometimes be found in Citrine. It is astrologically significant to have eye-clean Citrine with minimal flaws. 

Citrine comes in a wide variety of cuts and shapes. Choosing the cut of a stone is based primarily on the aesthetic appeal and does not have implications for the gemstone’s astrological properties. The most common cuts for Citrine are round, emerald, princess, and cushion. 

Due to being a substitute, Citrine is usually not considered to be as powerful and effective of a stone as Yellow Sapphire. Sunhela may take longer to show its positive results, wherein Yellow Sapphire will be comparatively quicker. However, if you are under a budget constraint, then you can resort to wearing a Citrine to garner some sort of relief, from an astrological standpoint.
The inherent value of the Citrine gemstone is dependent upon numerous factors including its color, clarity, cut, carat weight and place of origin. The costliest Citrine gemstone bearing the deep yellow hue and high transparency ranges around Rs 400 per carat ($6 approx.) and is mostly resourced from the Brazilian mines. Citrines in lighter shades such as the pale-yellow color are usually sold at a lower value of around Rs 200 per carat ($3 Approx.).

Therefore when you buy Citrine gemstone online, ensure that you get a Lab Certificate of its authenticity from a Reputed Lab and that the dealer is ready to get the gemstone certified from any reputed Lab of your choice.
Di-Gold is one of the leading providers of loose gemstones and coloured gemstone jewellery online. We always provide 100% natural original gemstones only, along with genuine lab certificates (Beware! Fake labs do exist). 

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