Coming from the Quartz family, Citrine or Sunela is a natural semi-precious gemstone with a yellow to golden brown tint. This gemstone is a substitution or a upratna of the precious Yellow Sapphire to gain wealth, high ranking social status, knowledge, good health and also offspring bliss, according to Vedic astrology. Also according to western astrology, Citrine is also the alternate birthstone of November.

Vedic astrology connects the Sunela rashi rattan with the selfless planet ‘Jupiter’. Sunela rattan is prescribed for Dhanu (Sagittarius) and Meena (Pisces) rashi by Indian astrology, while in western astrology Citrine is the recommended birthstone for Sagittarius sign and can also be worn by Aries, Cancer, Leo and Scorpio.
The astrological benefits of Citrine gemstone are plenty, and  make this gemstone much more desirable and ideal. Below, we have mentioned some of the most important Citrine benefits-
Improves professional and financial growth. 
Promotes higher learning.
Restores fertility and matrimonial harmony.

 The three major factors that create a difference in the value of a Citrine stone are its quality, size and origin. 
Currently, the Citrine stone price In India ranges between Rs. 125 per carat ($2 Approx.) to Rs. 400 per carat ($6 Approx.) and above.

Color, clarity, cut and origin are the four pillars that help determine the quality of the gemstone.  Astrologically, the best Citrines are characterized by being natural, untreated and unheated along with having bright golden-yellow tones with good transparency.
Origin- Citrine Quartz mines are found in many countries including Bolivia, Russia, Madagascar, Myanmar, Brazil and the USA. Amongst all these varieties, Brazilian Citrine is reputable as the majority of the gems coming from Brazilian mines bear good color and clarity, according to industry standards. Furthermore, African mining regions also produce good quality Citrines
Color- In the market, loose Citrine gemstones can be found in an assortment of shades which are sold in the market using special names such as ‘Lemon Quartz’ ‘Lemon Citrine’ ‘Smoky Citrine Quartz’ ‘Lemon Green Citrine’ ‘deep reddish Yellow’ ‘Maderia Citrine’ and ‘Champagne Citrine’ etc. We recommend that you always go for a natural bright or golden yellow Citrine with uniform consistency and medium saturation. Citrine gemstones with brownish hues should be avoided, for astrological use.
Clarity- Citrine is classified as a Type I clarity gem which means they are nearly eye-clean. The transparency and inclusions of a Citrine also bears a strong influence on the cost per carat. Therefore, the price of Citrine is often higher for eye clean gems with good transparency.
Cut- Citrine can be found in a wide range of shapes (round, oval, emerald, square trillion, pear etc.) and cuts (princess cut, cushion cut, and round).  The price of the Sunela stone is expected to be slightly higher for gems in fancy cuts such as the emerald cut, cushion cut etc. because comparatively higher wastage is caused in making the deep facets. Round and oval citrine gemstones are more common and cheaper than the others.
Carat Weight- Citrines in larger size are readily available in nature. Hence the price per carat of a Citrine doesn’t increase exponentially for gems in the bigger size. 

Due to being a substitute, Citrine is usually not considered to be as powerful and effective of a stone as Yellow Sapphire. Sunhela may take longer to show its positive results, wherein Yellow Sapphire will be comparatively quicker. However, if you are under a budget constraint, then you can resort to wearing a Citrine to garner some sort of relief, from an astrological standpoint.
The inherent value of the Citrine gemstone is dependent upon numerous factors including its color, clarity, cut, carat weight and place of origin. The costliest Citrine gemstone bearing the deep yellow hue and high transparency ranges around Rs 400 per carat ($6 approx.) and is mostly resourced from the Brazilian mines. Citrines in lighter shades such as the pale-yellow color are usually sold at a lower value of around Rs 200 per carat ($3 Approx.).

Therefore when you buy Citrine gemstone online, ensure that you get a Lab Certificate of its authenticity from a Reputed Lab and that the dealer is ready to get the gemstone certified from any reputed Lab of your choice.
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