Chrysoberyl Cats Eye

Cats eye chrysoberyl gemstone is a highly sought-after gem variety of the Chrysoberyl mineral family. It exhibits a strong cats eye effect with sheer detail, making the term Cat’s eye interchangeable for Chrysoberyl gemstone This gemstone can surpass other cats eye stones in terms of color and clarity as well. Regarded as Ketu stone in vedic astrology, it can be worn to gain lost wealth, social reputation, self-control and spiritual awareness.

One of the most significant aspects of Chrysoberyl Cat’s eye gemstone is its association with Ketu in Vedic astrology. This gem is strongly recommended by astrologers to nullify the negative influences of Ketu and bring financial stability, higher wisdom and better spiritual understanding in the wearer’s life. Being the finest variety, chrysoberyl cats eye gemstone is considered best for astrological uses.

Note: Chrysoberyl gemstones are popular by other names like ‘Lehsuniya ratna’ in Hindi ‘Vaidurya Mani’ in Sanskrit, ‘Vaidoorya or Vaidurya’ in Tamil, ‘Ketu Stone’ or ‘Cymophane gemstone’ in English.
Improves Spiritual Intelligence – As per Indian astrologers, Lehsunia stone benefits by bringing spirituality and contentment for people dealing with aggressive temperament and restlessness. Its metaphysical energies also protect wearer from indecisive approach and unethical lifestyle.
Provides Instant Financial Gains – Being a fast-acting gemstone, Lehsunia stone is known to bring good results for people involved in speculative pursuits like gambling, sports betting etc. Astrologers believe that cats eye gemstone has the power to restore lost wealth in businesses and provides protect against debts, poverty and other financial miseries.
Success in Occult Practices & Secretive Jobs– Being influenced by mysterious planet Ketu, Lehsunia gemstone benefits wearer gain success in finding hidden truths. Thus, this gemstone is considered highly effective for people involved in occult science, detective jobs and secret agencies.
Cures Poor Vision & Lower Body Ailments – Alternative healing therapies consider Vaidurya or Lehsunia stone highly beneficial in curing brain, limb or eye related disorders. This gemstone is also considered effective against sudden health emergencies and accidents.

Chrysoberyl Cat’s eye stone price mainly depends upon the strength of its cat’s eye effect and body color. Clarity, Cut, Shape and Carat weight are other factors influencing Lehsunia stone price. It is always advisable to buy Chrysoberyl cats’ eye from a reliable resource for quality assurance.

Note: : Lehsunia stone price in India starts from Rs 2,000 per carat ($30 approx.) and can reach up to Rs 65,000 per carat ($1000 approx.) and above. Explore our inventory, to get an idea how Cat’s eye Chrysoberyl gemstones price per carat is decided on the quality basis.

Chrysoberyl cats eye gemstone is a highly valuable gem, both astrologically and physically. It is thus important to ensure that the chosen stone is worth wearing. One should always look for the following factors carefully before buying best quality chrysoberyl cat’s eye gemstone online.

Sharpness of Eye Effect– The phenomena of Cat’s eye effect (or Chatoyancy) appears like a light beam or band (preferably slight bluish white) passing through the middle of the chrysoberyl cats eye gemstone. It appears much like opening and closing of a feline (cat) eye. A bright, straight and distinctly visible light band is considered most desirable.
Color – Cat’s eye chrysoberyl gemstones come in different shades including grey, green to yellow and deep honey-brown. While Yellow or Green chrysoberyl gemstones are common, Honey color cat’s eye is very difficult to find. Due to its rarity and high quality, Honey color chrysoberyl cat’s eye is the most sought-after variety.

Chrysoberyl is a mineral group whose name is derived from two Greek words – ‘chryso’ meaning golden and ‘beryl’ meaning green. It is important to note that chrysoberyl is not a variety of beryl rather a completely different mineral group available in plethora of colour. Most of the chrysoberyl crystals contain rutile light reflecting inclusions or silk that exhibit cats eye effect and are known as Cats eye chrysoberyl. High transparent yellow or green chrysoberyl crystal also exists but it lacks the cats eye effect. Color changing is another optical property present in some chrysoberyl. These color changing chrysoberyl are known as Alexandrite gemstone. In rare cases, a chrysoberyl cat’s eye may show color changing effect as well. They are called Alexandrite cat’s eye chrysoberyl.
No, the presence of fractures does not affect the astrological property of Cats eye gem. Most of the Cats eye chrysoberyl contain some tiny crack like inclusions beyond surface and it is considered as the basis nature of this gemstone. Moreover, it serves as an identification mark and is fairly acceptable in medium to low quality gems. As per the astrologers, the presence of minor cracks in cat’s eye doesn’t hamper its astrological significance. However, it is recommended to buy chrysoberyl cats eye stone containing good color, luster and minimum visible inclusions and cracks to gain best results.

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