Chrome Diopside

Chrome diopside is a chromium-rich, green colored gem variety of the Diopside mineral. It is known for its internal clarity and intense glow which is rarely found in green gems. Despite its unmatchable beauty, this gemstone is quite affordable which makes it an easy jewelry piece to own.

Chrome diopside is a natural green colored jewelry gemstone. It is believed that Chrome diopside has some warm healing energies that offer numerous health benefits to the wearer.

Chrome diopside jewellery is for all seasons. It reflects vibrant green hues that are truly breath-taking. Even some well-known jewelry brands such as Enzo and Sino Jewels have been promoting this unique gemstone for jewelry since 2013.

Chrome diopside is relatively a delicate gemstone. Therefore, it is considered more appropriate for pendants, pins, brooches and earrings. However, if Chrome diopside ring is your first preference, a protective ring design is good to go.

Crystal healing therapies connect the natural Chrome diopside stone with the Forth Chakra, also called the ‘Heart Chakra’. It is believed that Chrome diopside metaphysical and healing properties promote emotional healing. Being from the earth, untreated and natural, it is also known for improving blood circulation, eye-sight or any heart problems, when worn around the neck.

Chrome diopside is less popular in comparison of other green gems. This could the reason behind its affordable prices despite being an exceptionally beautiful natural green gemstone. However, considering the increasing demand of faceted Chrome diopside by jewelry brands, many industry professionals feel that jewellers are stockpiling goods for the right moment. So, it can be predicted that Chrome diopside prices may experience a big jump in the near future.

Note – Currently, Chrome diopside value per carat in India ranges between Rs 1,000 per carat (15 $approx.) to Rs 5,000 per carat ($75 approx.) and plus. The prices in other countries like USA, UK, UAE may vary significantly depending upon the supply/demand cycle.

Chrome diopside mineral comes in different quality grades. It is always better to have a basic knowledge about the important parameters to ensure purchase of best quality Chrome Diopside.

Origin – According to the gemmologist, the finest Chrome diopside rough comes from the mining locations in the Republic of Sakha in Siberia, Russia. It also comes from the mines of Pakistan, Italy, Finland, Afghanistan, Madagascar, Myanmar (Burma), India and Tanzania etc.

Color – The chromium rich Chrome diopside comes in numerous shades ranging from medium dark vivid green to bluish green and yellowish green. Generally, the medium deep green Chrome diopside is considered more valuable. The nice yellowish green diopside called (also called Tashmarine diopside) is also in demand because of its light and bright shade.

Clarity – The natural Chrome diopside stones are generally transparent to translucent with some internal features like black needle-like inclusions, liquid inclusions and metallic crystals etc. The opaque material is not of gem quality. But, some opaque material containing minute needle like inclusions are considered valuable because they display a unique cats eye effect and are traded as ‘Chrome diopside cat’s eye’. Normally, Chrome diopside with high clarity and good transparency are often considered superior than the included ones.

Cut – Chrome diopside raw appears little dull but displays a vitreous luster when skilfully cut and polished. Considering its limited supply and moderate hardness, this gemstone is often faceted in emerald, oval, cushion and round cut that reduce the chance of damage and cause minimum wastage in the cutting process. Fancy faceted shapes like hearts, pears and trillions are also found but they are comparatively rare and valuable.

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