Cats Eye

A semi precious stone, the Cat’s Eye or Lahsuniya(in Hindi) is found in shades of gray, black, honey and yellowish green. It gets its name due to a unique phenomenon called ‘Chatoyancy’- which makes the stunning resemblance to the eye of a cat due to the presence of unique white lines on the surface of the gemstone when observed under a source of light.

Cats Eye stone imparts its benefits the most during the malefic phase of Ketu, the headless body of the shadow planet ‘Rahu’.
Positively affects the health conditions of its wearer. 
Helps the growth of a person’s wealth and improves their overall financial conditions.
Protects its wearer from road accidents, envy of their foes, debts, poverty and other such diabolical situations.
Helps impart contentment and detachment from worldly desires and
Increases interest in spirituality.

Cats Eye stone price in India and globally depends upon Weight (carats/ratti), treatments and quality of the gemstone.
Cat’s Eye gemstone price in India in Rupees is between Rs 1300 and Rs. 22,000 per carat.
Note: 1 carat = 0.9 ratti

The quality of Cats Eye is dependent on its cut, colour and clarity. 
Colour: Chrysoberyl cat's eye is typically found in shades of lemon and lime, ranging from greenish yellow to light honey. By and large, the lighter, golden hued stones are considered the most desirable. The stone should have a brilliance of colour while also being uniform, and should also have smooth surface and be free of spots and natural inclusions.
Clarity: Chrysoberyl cat's eye ranges from translucent to opaque, due to the presence of natural needle-like inclusions. However,  mostly since the inclusions are responsible for the desirable cat's eye effect, the reduced level of transparency does not affect the stone's inherent value.  For astrological purposes, the Cats Eye’s quality depends mostly on the lesser appearance of blemishes and less on color.
Cut: Chrysoberyl cat's eye is always cut en cabochon in order to maximize the desirable chatoyancy and to preserve the most rough carat weight. For this gem type, uneven bottoms are quite acceptable, because in order to center the cat's eye the cuts necessitate the presence of unevenness. 
Origin: Most Chrysoberyl cat's eye is sourced from Brazil, China, India, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe. Other notable sources include Burma (Myanmar), India, Tanzania, Madagascar, Pakistan, Russia and the United States.

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