Cats Eye

Cat’s arrival is as sudden as the benefits we receive from Cat’s Eye; the related stone. 

This gemstone is also known in Hindi as Vaiduryam/Vaidooryam/Lehsunia, which is linked to the planet Ketu (Dragon’s Tail). A variety of colors are present in this stone, from gray to yellowish-green. 

It keeps you safe from road accidents.
Trauma caused by sudden health problems is protested by it.
People can benefit from it when undergoing crucial surgeries.

People’s financial status is improved by it.
It revitalizes declining businesses.

It protects against envy from enemies. 
It also guards against a dangerous situation. 

It promotes contentment. 

It keeps one away from material pursuits or worldly attachments.
It is beneficial during the Dasha or the malefic planet of Ketu to use Cats eye stone.

Day, Time, and Metal for Cats Eye :
It is recommended to wear this gemstone on Tuesday in the morning during Krishna Paksha. It would be best to wear silver or panchdhatu in metal for optimal results, but it can also be worn in gold. 

Pooja, Mantra, and Finger:
If the gemstone is set in a ring then it should be worn on the middle finger of the working hand. Put the ring in the metal bowl containing Ganga Jal, tulsi leaves (Indian Basil), raw cow’s milk, honey, and ghee (clarified butter) to energize the stone.
Who can wear the gemstone?
It is worn after taking astrological advice. Being a gemstone associated with Ketu, it is worn to increases the blessings of Ketu in one’s horoscope. 

The gemstone Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye prices on the Indian market range between Rs. 1300 to Rs. 22,000 per carat and more. In India, the price of a Quartz cat’s eye varies from Rs. 225 per carat up to Rs. 600 per carat and more. It is recommended to choose Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye with a price range between Rs 9,000 per carat and Rs. 22,000 per carat for best astrological effects. 
Cats eye is priced differently depending on factors such as color, chatoyancy, and treatment. Listed below are the factors that influence the price as well as the quality. 

It is the primary determinant of the quality of Cats eye. Stones whose effects are sharper are usually more expensive, and vice versa. 

Inclusion volume determines the clarity of this stone. The natural Cats eye stones which do not contain inclusions are free from black spots cost more than those that do have spots and are filled worth inclusions. 

Cats eyes that are pure and uniform in color carry a higher price than those with an impure color mixture. 

Cut and Shape-
A neat, glossy, clean cut will be more costly than poor faceted cuts that actually tarnish the quality of the stone. 

In order to achieve the cat’s effect, the base of the Cats Eye stone should be parallel to the fibers of the crystal, therefore has to be cut as a sphere or oval cabochon.

The quality of this gemstone is defined by several factors including cut, clarity, and cat’s eye effect like these: 
Cat’s effect- 
This factor mainly depends on how sharp the cat’s eye effect is on the stone, which should be smooth when it is rotated or kept at a particular angle. 

Cats eye stones should be free of blemishes, surface spots, and inclusions. This stone’s value will be diminished by inclusions and black spots. 

The color should be unblended and consistent. If the colors are mixed improperly, the stone will lose value. 

Cut and Shape-
In order to achieve the cat’s effect, the base of the Cats Eye stone should be parallel to the fibers of the crystal, therefore has to be cut as a sphere or oval cabochon.

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