Carnelian is a brownish red, semi-precious translucent to opaque gemstone from the mineral family of chalcedony. It is known as the stone of motivation, endurance, leadership and courage, India, Brazil, Siberia and Germany are the major sources of carnelian stones.
Carnelian is not a traditional birthstone but is associated with the zodiacs of Taurus, Cancer, Leo and Virgo. It is believed to attract prosperity, new resources and good luck.

Carnelian stone Benefits

Carnelian is believed to increase courage, confidence and creativity. It is also said to strengthen ambition, drive and determination.

It is also said to help make the owner or wearer attract prosperity, new resources and good luck.

Medically Carnelian stones are believed to be beneficial for rheumatism, fevers and skin problems. They are also beneficial against arthritis, neuralgia and depression.

Carnelian stones are also believed to calm the temper and ward off poverty.

Carnelian gemstone price per carat depends upon weight (carats/ratti), treatments and quality (clarity and color).

Pure carnelian price in India is between Rupees 600 per carat and Rupees 1200 per carat above.

Astrologically, Price of carnelian stone which is of the best quality is Rupees 800 per carat.

Carnelian stone prices in India can be converted into carnelian stone price per Ratti by multiplying it by 0.9 (so, Rupees 10000 carat= Rupees 9000 Ratti.)

Most gemstone dealers sell heated and treated Carnelian that are not astrologically very effective. So do ensure that you get your money’s worth with a trusted lab certification mentioning tests for treatment.

The Quality of carnelian depends upon its cut, color and clarity.
The stone preferably should have no internal cracks and should also exhibit a beautiful and even orange to brownish orange color.
For astrologically purpose, quality depends mainly on the clarity and evenness of the color of the stone’s color.
The cut or facets of carnelian only have ornamental significance and not astrological.

Be careful as many dealers sell treated or low quality carnelian stones for a higher rate. Therefore, when you buy Carnelian gemstone Online, ensure that you ask the dealer to get a Lab Certificate of its authenticity from a Reputed Lab of your choice (careful: there are fake labs as well!). You may get your gemstone tested for originality, treatments and country of origin.

The seller should also have a clear refund policy and hopefully, a large presence (larger organizations are likely to be more careful about their brand and stay away from unethical practices).

Carnelian has are considered to be inferior substitutes for Red Coral.
The First choice as the metal for Carnelian should be Silver.

The Second choice as the metal for Carnelian stone should be platinum. Gold should be the last choice and avoided if possible.
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Carnelian is worn in the ring finger of the correct hand (Left hand for left-handed people and Right hand for right-handed people). It should be worn in the morning on a Tuesday during the Shukla Paksh (Waxing Moon). Since Carnelian is a substitute for Red Coral, the procedure of wearing Carnelian is the same as that of a Red Coral.

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