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Blue Sapphire precious gemstones of all types and origins.

The Blue Sapphire or the Neelam is an incredibly precious, blue coloured gemstone of the Corundum mineral family. It is quite popular and known as Neelamani, Indraneel, Indraneelam, Neela Pukhraj etc. in the eastern world. It is widely known as the most powerful and the quickest acting gemstone in astrology. Along with fame and success in the wearer’s life, it also brings in brings instant wealth. 

Being associated with the karmic Saturn, Blue Sapphire stone is recommended for people undergoing difficult phase of Shani Sadhe Saati or Dhaiya in their lives. Due to its fast acting and strong effects, Neelam should only be worn on the recommendation of experts. Indian astrology suggests the Neelam ratna for Makar (Capricorn) and Kumbh (Aquarius) rashi while western astrology recommends blue sapphire as birthstone for Libra. The Neelam birthstone may also be worn by the signs of Gemini, Virgo and Taurus.

People lend enormous faith to this gemstone for its ability to resolve financial, professional and psychological problems encountered during the tiring phase of Shani-Saadesati/ Dhaiya. The Blue Sapphire Stone can help you strengthen the Saturn in your sign and flip your fortune in the following ways;

Brings instant fame and fortune.

Instant success in business jobs and independent projects.

Ideal for judicial architecture & engineering professionals.

Inculcates discipline, patience and hard work.

Improves bones, and the balance between your mind and senses.


In addition being astrologically important, the worth of a Blue Sapphire stems from its rarity and popularity as a jewellery gemstone.

Blue Sapphire price in India or outside trend between a wide range of Rs. 2500 and Rs. 2,00,000 plus per carat ($40 to $3080)

Kashmir sapphire price per carat range stays between Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 5,00,000 plus ($750 to $7690)

Ceylon blue sapphire price per carat ranges between Rs. 2000 and Rs. 32,000 plus ($30 to $490)

Being opaque, Blue Star Sapphire price depends on luster and perfection of the star print which is best viewed under direct sunlight by tilting the stone at different angles. A well aligned six ray radial can drastically increase blue star sapphire value.


The quality of blue sapphire is measured by assessing its origin, colour clarity and other factors like uniqueness. Having the knowledge of knowing what to look for can definitely help you in your search for owning your own Neelam as per your financial and astrological conditions.

Colour- Going by sapphire colour chart, true blue or royal blue is considered the most desirable, something which is neither too violet nor too purple. In addition to tone and saturation - colour consistency also carries considerable influence on a blue sapphire’s value. A bright vivid blue sapphire with saturated tone commands a much higher price in the market as compared to other sapphires that are too dark or too blue or gray. Good example of the same is the Kashmir Blue Sapphire. Ceylon Blue Sapphire gemstones are also considered to be of fine quality. Other varieties like Bangkok Blue Sapphires are darker in colour and hence less worthy.

Clarity- Owing to their gemological composition, finding a clean and clear original blue sapphire is exceptionally rare and exorbitantly expensive. Almost every authentic Neelam stone contains inclusions in the form of rutile needles (Silk), fingerprints and or colour bands. 

Carat Weight- An original, crystal clear blue sapphire above a few carats is an extremely rare occurrence because colour and clarity are highly unlikely to co-exist on the same scale. This also means that for such a piece, the Neelam price in India or globally can range in millions.

Cut - A blue sapphire which is expertly cut commands good money as it can enhance the brightness of the stone and conceal any of the visible inclusions. If quality is not compromised upon, rounder or oval shaped blue sapphires are relatively cheaper than other custom shapes because of stone wastage that is incurred in the process. 

Treatment- Sapphires are heat treated to enhance colour and remove colour zoning.  Blue sapphires artificially created in a lab are often sold as genuine pieces but are neither worthy nor astrologically significant.


Kashmir, Australia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Thailand are places which have been blessed with Blue Sapphire mines. 

Blue Sapphire does not suit everyone due to its fast acting and strong nature and can adversely affect the wearer if worn without thorough astrological consultation. We strongly suggest our patrons to go for an in-depth analysis of their horoscopes before wearing it. 
No it’s a complete myth that one can avail the benefits of blue sapphire without properly wearing it. Blue sapphire is best worn in a silver ring but can also be customized into a pendant or bracelet as per wearer’s preference. Vedic astrology strongly recommends that the Neelam should touch the wearer’s skin so as to reap the benefits.
The colour of the stone can have different connotations to different people according to their requirements. Usually deeply saturated blue colour is considered ideal for best results and is recommended in majority of the cases. However, in certain situations based on a person’s planetary conditions - an astrologer can advise him to wear a blue sapphire of a very specific colour. When there is no specific requirement for a blue sapphire colour, deep-dark but bright blue sapphire is the most effective.
.  In Vedic astrology, if planets share a congenial relationship then the combination of the two gemstones is considered auspicious. However, never wear any astrological gemstone without consulting a trusted astrologer first, in order to avoid any negative planetary influence.
Blue Sapphire is a highly valuable gemstone; therefore it is of utmost importance to ensure its authenticity before making a final purchase. 
Zodiac gems is one of the leading providers of loose gemstones and coloured gemstone jewellery online. We always provide 100% natural original gemstones only, along with genuine Lab Certificates.
(Beware! Fake labs do exist). 

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