Bloodstone (also known as Heliotrope stone) is a natural, semi-precious gemstone from the Chalcedony mineral family that has a solid deep green body color with a light splatter of sharply contrasting and clearly visible blood-red dots. Ancient people relate the color pattern with the sacred ‘Blood of Christ’. In western culture, Bloodstone is also worn as the March month birthstone.
According to the Indian astrology, Bloodstone meaning ‘Pitoniya stone’ in Hindi is associated with the influential planet ‘Mars’ that blesses the native with courage, determination and physical strength. Wearing its gemstone-Bloodstone can help the wearer to overcome physical, mental and psychological stress. In Christianity, Bloodstone is considered quite significant and is worn for healing and protection.

For centuries, ‘March Birthstone’- Bloodstone (also called as Blood Jasper or Dragon Blood Jasper) has been used as a healing gemstone. The ancient warriors use to wear Bloodstone during the battles because they believed that the stone protects them from injuries and death. It was also believed that Bloodstone has some magical healing properties that can stop bleeding.

Cures Immune, Digestive & Blood-related Ailments

Astrologers find Bloodstone healing crystal quite beneficial for people suffering from blood-related ailments, immune or digestive disorder. Even the Greeks and Romans believed in the magical healing powers of Bloodstone in detoxifying blood and essential organs of the body.

Victory in Judicial Cases & Legal Matters

It is said that wearing the Bloodstone gem benefits the individual by providing them protection from legal matter and verbal threats. Bloodstone metaphysical properties also lend the courage and guidance in confronting the enemies when required.

Boosts Stamina and Leadership Qualities

Being associated with the Mars, Bloodstone gemstone benefits the wearer by refining their team management skills. It powers the stamina, mental strength and determination of the wearer and is considered highly beneficial for professionals in army, police or sports. Many sportsmen including the very popular David Beckham favor Bloodstone to support physical endurance.

Bloodstone Gemstone Benefits

Rejuvenates Health
Protects in Legal Affairs
Improves Stamina & Leadership Qualities

Bloodstone is quite an affordable gemstone that fits in every budget. So, whether you are willing to buy a Bloodstone stone for making jewelry or for healing purposes, you can get many good options within your considered budget. Traders usually price Bloodstone gems according to their carat weight, color, shape and clarity. Like other semi-precious gems, the big and beautiful pieces often command a higher value.

Note: Currently, Bloodstone price in India range between Rupees 100 per carat to Rupees 250 per carat and plus. Bloodstone prices in other countries like the UK, USA and UAE may vary depending upon the supply and demand equation.

Buyer Beware: Gemstone Weights in India are often expressed in Ratti (e.g. - Bloodstone stone price per ratti). This system can be used to dupe customers who are not knowledgeable on how the conversion works. Read our guide to Understanding Gemstone Weights: Carats vs. Ratti, and Don’t Get Fooled by Gemstone Prices in Ratti, instead of Carats!

Color- The purity and consistency in green color create a positive effect on the beauty and overall cost of Bloodstone. Bloodstone gem value remains the highest for stone in well-saturated, uniform green color with beautiful red spots spread over its surface.

Shape- The value of Bloodstone also depends on the beauty and availability of gems in certain shape or cuts. The well-polished Bloodstone cabochons, tumbled Bloodstone and carved Bloodstone are comfortably available and can be purchased at quite budget-friendly prices. However, one may need to pay a slightly higher amount for the rare Bloodstone gem in the cushion, rectangular or any fancy shape.

Clarity- Clarity doesn’t have a major impact on the Bloodstone cost. However, the quality of surface- its smoothness and polish may influence the Bloodstone overall worth. Generally, the Bloodstone gem prices decrease for stones with too many pits and cracks on the surface.

Carat weight- Rough Bloodstone are quite abundant in nature. Therefore, Bloodstone price per carat increases in a linear fashion as the weight increases. So, one doesn’t need to compromise on size even if they have a tight budget

The striking play of deep green body color patterned with red splashes is what makes Bloodstone so distinct and desirable. But before you buy Bloodstone, it is important to learn how to examine the quality of gemstone to avoid getting misled by what isn’t worthy. Let’s check these quality factors, one by one.

 Color- When you are purchasing a colored gemstone, you can’t afford to ignore the quality of its color. Bloodstone or Heliotrope color is usually dark green with red spots but some greenish blue, grey and brown stones also exist. This gemstone is recognized by the presence of red to brownish spots that can be plentiful or too scanty. Ideally, one should prefer a dark green Bloodstone with dense and closely interwoven red spots present over its surface.

Clarity- Natural Bloodstone gems are usually opaque. Hence, one can be a little lenient with the internal clarity while selecting a stone. However, the surface of the Bloodstone should be clean, shiny, and smooth and free from blemished and pits. The high-quality Bloodstone are recognized by their well-polished surface that offers a silky shiny.

Shape- the polishing and cutting style of a Bloodstone help to showcase the gem’s best aspect. Due to its good demand in the jewelry segment, Bloodstone are mostly cut in Cabochons. Cabochon refers to the non-faceted polished gems with smooth, well-polished domes. Bloodstone Cabochons are considered good for making rings, pendants and bracelets. One can also find Bloodstone in other popular cuts such as round, oval, emerald cut and pear shape but they are slightly less common.

Origin- Gem quality, raw Bloodstone majorly comes from the mining locations of India, California and Madagascar. But some important Bloodstone mines are also present in Brazil, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Czech Republic, China, Germany and Romania. Indian Bloodstone is mostly dark green colored with brilliant red spots whereas the South African Bloodstones display good translucency.

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