Bloodstone also known as Blood Jasper or Dragon Blood Jasper is a semi-precious stone found in the Chalcedony Mineral Family. It was believed that this color pattern represented the sacred blood of Christ in Ancient times. This stone is also known as Martyr’s Stone or Christ’s Stone and some people consider Bloodstone to be the ‘Stone of Courage and Bravery’.

Bloodstone has meanings as diverse as the setting sun colors and saint’s blood smeared throughout history. In Greek, the Bloodstone was referred to as Heliotrope, which means “turning to the sun”. According to the lore, this crystal can “turn the sun” into a blood-red when placed in water or sun rays. 
Human researchers have also studied its physical properties and found that it is capable of altering blood in patients either when preventing bleeding or when removing blood from noses. It was also believed that this stone could predict the future and even turn visible

Bloodstone is ideal for people suffering from anemia to purify and strengthen their blood. 
Generally, this stone cleanses essential organs, such as the liver, intestine, kidneys, etc.
It is helpful in the treatment of HIV/Aids.
Self-esteem is increased by this stone.
People who work in the military or police or sports will benefit from it.
It gives one a sense of productivity and motivation.

Bloodstone energizes our energy and opens new paths in life.
It fosters idealism and selflessness. 
This stone enhances creativity, motivation, and courage.
Impatience, irritability, and aggression are also reduced by this stone.
Also, it absorbs negative energies from the environment.

Who can wear the gemstone?
In India, Bloodstone can be worn by those with Aries sign (मेष राशि). It is considered the birthstone for Aries zodiac sign by western astrology. You may also wear it if your ascendant or rising sign is Leo, Cancer, Sagittarius, or Pisces.

Bloodstone prices vary significantly according to their shape, clarity, and color. In India, Bloodstones can be priced as low as Rs. 100 per carat to as high as Rs.250 per carat and beyond.
Bloodstone prices are heavily influenced by their color. Green contributes significantly to the overall cost of the stone due to its purity and consistency. Dark green Bloodstones with densely intertwined red spots across their surfaces command high prices in the market. 

There are various shapes of bloodstones, including pear, emerald, round, etc. The prices of well-polished Bloodstone cabochons are usually quite reasonable and unaffordable. However, gemstones in fancy shapes, such as cushions, rectangles, or any other, will usually cost more in the market.

Clarity does not significantly affect the price of the Bloodstone. A stone with a lot of pits and cracks will sell for low prices in the market, whilst a Bloodstone with clean, lustrous, and well-polished surfaces will sell for high prices. 

Bloodstone is a distinctive stone whose quality is defined by several factors including its origin, clarity, color and, shape. Consider these factors before making a purchase of a Bloodstone.

Bloodstone is found in-
South Africa
Despite being produced in many countries, Bloodstone is extensively found in India. India is known for its darker green bloodstone with red spots. 

Color plays an important role in the decision to buy a Bloodstone. These stones vary in color from dark green color with rusty red streaks to brownish blue and grey shades. 

This factor relates to the blemishes and inclusions present in the stone. The Bloodstone should however have a glossy and clean surface, free of blemishes or spots. The silky shine of the Bloodstone will be caused by these qualities. 

Bloodstones are cut in round, oval, emerald and, pear shapes. However, they are usually cut in Cabochons because they produce well-polished and smooth domes. Cabochon-cut Bloodstones are great for jewelry like rings, bracelets, and pendants. 

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