An eye catching and stunning gemstone, Aventurine is known for its healing effects and the presence of inclusions that emanate a shimmering effect aventurescence. A semi precious stone, Aventurine is one of the best stones to attract luck, abundance and success.

Aventurine is known to be the attractor of good luck, happy times and good fortune. Green Aventurine gemstones are popularly worn as jewelry, but are also kept as lucky talismans so as to attract good vibes and avoid unpleasant and harmful situations. You too can enjoy the following benefits of this extraordinary gemstone.
Helps ward off negative energies and radiations by absorbing them and not letting the user be exposed to the same.
It brings tranquility and contentment into the wearer’s life, along with strong and mutually beneficial relationships.
It grants him focus, clarity of vision, the ability to make wise decisions and be open to new ideas- helping the wearer become a leader in their own right.
It also helps regulate blood pressure and is helps aid blood circulation.

Aventurine stone price in India per carat is dependent upon its weight (in carats or ratti) and quality. Owing to the abundance of the gemstone, it is by and large quite affordable. 
The price of aventurine gemstone is Rs 125 per carat. 
An Aventurine stone of this quality is ideal for astrological healing and Feng Shui purposes.
Conversion of Aventurine: 1Carat = 0.9 Ratti

The quality of Aventurine is pegged upon its shape, colour and clarity. Though for astrological purposes, Aventurine gemstones should be eye clear and devoid of spots.
Shape: The shape of the stone may have ornamental significance but not astrological. Big size Aventurine rocks are carved and sculpted into many lucky shapes for Feng Shui purposes also.
Colour: The most common colour of aventurine is green, but it may also be orange, brown, yellow, blue, or grey.
Clarity: The glittering effect in the stone is caused by natural mineral inclusions present in the form of golden to white coloured spots and is known as Aventurescence. The more finely distributed and sharp these spots are, the better the quality of the stone.
Origin: The majority of green and blue-green Aventurine variants originate in India. They are particularly found in Mysore and Chennai. The creamy white, gray and orange variants of Aventurine are found in Chile, Spain and Russia. 

Aventurine popularly finds usage in gem therapy, Feng Shui, Talisman and ornamental jewelry. It brings about better luck, positivity, good health and wealth to the wearer. 
Aventurine stone should weigh at the very least 1/10th carats of your body weight. So for instance, if your body weight is at 60 kgs you should wear a stone which is 6 carats or more. For Feng Shui or general good luck, you can go for even bigger Aventurine stones (up to 10 carats or 11.25 ratti).
An Aventurine stone should ideally be free of spots and be radiant and uniform in its colour to be most beneficial.

Most gemstone dealers tend to sell inferior quality quartz and feldspar stones and try to pass them off as Aventurine gems, one must always do their due diligence before buying a gemstone. Get your Aventurine gemstone certified for 100% originality from a trusted gemological lab.
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