Aquamarine is a light blue colored, highly transparent, semi-precious gemstone of Beryl mineral family. It is the traditional birthstone for the month of March. Vedic astrology recommends this gemstone as the astrological substitute of Blue Sapphire and is worn to promote leadership qualities, self-confidence good health and stability in married life.
Aquamarine (meaning Beruj stone in Hindi) is associated with planet Saturn. Astrologers recommend this gemstone to strengthen weak Saturn in an individual’s horoscope. A weak Saturn can hamper wearer’s decision-making power, financial conditions and psychological health.

One of the highly valued gems of ancient lineage, aquamarine is popularly known for its strong metaphysical properties and mystical healing powers which were recognized by people of various cultures including Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians & Hebrews. Indian astrology also recommends this gemstone as an astrological substitute (upratna) of the fastest acting gemstone- Blue Sapphire

Improves Leadership Qualities & Self-expression: Signifying in the planet of courage and confidence- Saturn, aquamarine gemstone is deeply trusted to improve native’s self-confidence and decision-making skills. Therefore, astrologers strongly recommend this ratna for people in professions where authority and mass interaction is involved. E.g. Judiciary, media, politics etc.

Promotes Financial Stability & Business Growth: Due to its association with karmic Saturn, wearing aquamarine gemstone benefits people in getting honest results of their efforts and hard work. Therefore, people who are facing financial difficulties or business challenges are advised to wear a natural aquamarine gemstone to get better outcomes.

Ensures Safe & Prosperous Journey: Aquamarine was believed to be a talisman of good luck and protection and was used by ancient sailors. Even today, astrologers recommend this gemstone for travelers, sailors, military men and businesses on frequent foreign trips to ensure better guidance and safer journey.

Cures Hormonal Disorder & throat infection: In alternative healing therapies, aquamarine relates to the throat chakra and is considered helpful in countering throat infections, swollen glands and thyroid issues. Other benefits of wearing aquamarine include better immune system, improved endocrine health and relief from mental stress.

Brings Stability in Marital relationship: Aquamarine is regarded as the gem of love and concord. Therefore, people facing differences in married life and lack of mutual understanding can wear this gemstone to restore matrimonial harmony.

Aquamarine Stone Benefits:
Boosts decision-making power and Communication Skills
Improves Financial Condition and Professional Growth
Ideal for Sailors, Military men & Foreign Travelers
Relieves throat Infections & Hormonal issues
Strengthens Love & Understanding in Relationships

Aquamarine stone value is majorly determined by its color. Origin, cut, clarity, carat weight and treatment are other factors that affect aquamarine’s overall cost. In India, aquamarine price per carat starts from Rupees 700 ($10.75 per carat and can go up to Rupees 15000 ($230) per carat and even above, depending upon the quality.

Origin- Brazilian stones (especially the Santa aquamarine gemstones) command a premium value because of its superior clarity and intense blue hue. Due to its decent clarity, Sri Lankan aquamarine commands a good price even though it possesses slightly greenish overtone.

Color- Color plays a significant role in determining the aquamarine price. The word ‘Aquamarine’ means ‘water of the sea’ in Latin that beautifully depicts the relevance of its watery blue color. As per market trend, pure blue gemstones with fair color distribution are rare and therefore deserves a better price. Aquamarine value shifts down for paler stones with hints of green, grey or brown.

Cut- Cut and shape also bear an influence on the overall value of aquamarine. Highly faceted aquamarine is always more expensive than oval and round due to the weight loss involved in the cutting process. Less transparent or cloudy aquamarines are usually polished and shaped as round or oval cabochons (A gemstone that is polished but not faceted is called cabochon) and are comparatively cheaper. 

Uniqueness- As discussed above, cabochons are generally cheaper than faceted aquamarines. However, the prices of certain aquamarine cabochons increase substantially, if they display rare and natural phenomena called star like effect or cat’s eye effect due to the presence of microscopic rutile inclusions.

Clarity- The best quality aquamarines are highly transparent and absolutely-free from eye visible inclusions. However, if present, it may appear like mica plates or milky clouds that usually hampers the clarity and luster creating a significant fall in Beruj stone price.

Carat Weight- Unlike other gemstones, fine quality aquamarine crystals can be easily found in large sizes. However, it is comparatively difficult to find a small aquamarine gem in deep and evenly distributed color. Due to this reason, a superior quality aquamarine even in small size commands a decent value. Aquamarine price per carat gradually drops for gems above 25 carats as it is difficult to use them in jewelry.

Treatment- the presence of excessive greenish tone in the blue aquamarine gemstone decreases its overall price. Dark greenish blue crystals of aquamarine are irradiated to achieve the pure blue hue and inflate the market value. But natural pure blue aquamarine is always more valuable than the treated stone of similar quality.

Gemstone prices in India are calculated both in Carats as well as Ratti. Aquamarine stone price per carat always amounts equal to Beruj stone price per ratti.

1 Ratti= 0.91 carats

The quality of aquamarine gemstone is analysis on the basis of certain importance factors like origin, color and clarity. Therefore, it is very important to have a good knowledge of these factors to ensure a fair purchase.

Origin- Aquamarine mines have been discovered in Brazil. Sri Lanka, Mozambique, Nigeria, Zambia, U.S.A, Madagascar, India and Burma. Due to the brilliant blue hue and exceptional clarity, Brazil’s Santa Maria aquamarine gemstone sourced from the popular Santa Marida de Itabira mine is considered as the most sought-after variety. The aquamarines resourced from the mines of Mozambique (called Santa Maria Africana aquamarine) and Brazil (Called Espirito aquamarines) are another popular origin varieties found in fine color and clarity. Sri Lankan aquamarines also hold a fair reputation in the gem industry because of its high transparency.

Color- the presence of iron impurities in aquamarine gemstone is what contributes the brilliant blue color to aquamarine crystal. The deep and bright blue aquamarine is always more valuable than pale and dull ones. However, the presence yellow, green or brown tint can sometime interfere with the prices of high quality gems. Apart from blue and green, beryl crystals also exist in white, yellow and pink color. They are often marketed as white aquamarine (Goshenite), yellow aquamarine (Heliodor) and pink aquamarine (Morganite) depending on their respective color.

Clarity- Aquamarines are graded as Type-I gemstones on clarity standards because they are typically clean. Bu sometimes they contain fingerprints spiky cavities 2 and 3 phase inclusions or liquid filled parallel tubes that hampers the transparency and luster. The size, density and location of these inclusions often determine the clarity. As a rule, higher is the inclusion, lower is the quality. But exceptions do exist, e.g. a star aquamarine is a rare variety valued for the star like effect that appears on its surface in light due to the presence of microscopic inclusions.

Brazilian aquamarine and Sri Lankan (Ceylon) aquamarine are considered best for astrological purposes because most of the gemstones mined from these geographical locations are rich in color and display optimum transparency in comparison to other origins. Explore our rich catalogue containing more than 90 unique aquamarine pieces collected by our expert gemologists from reputed mining locations.
The prices of aquamarines vary sharply based on its quality. The quality is determine primarily by color and clarity, but also by cut, carat weight and origin (Since aquamarine crystals are available in large sizes, price per carat doesn’t shoot up as much for large pieces, as in other gemstones!) However, understanding valuation of a gemstone is an art that can take a lifetime. Even merchants in the trade, deal with complicated issue like deciphering the shade of the blue color (prices can jump significantly on an aquamarine being slightly bluer than another piece). As a buyer, you are best advised to research options with merchants with transparent pricing policies. At Zodiacgems, photos and videos of different qualities, allow an online buyer to better understand the price of an aquamarine. The Aquamarine Prices section of our page is a good starting point to do this research.
Aquamarine is always a better astrological substitute (upratna) of blue sapphire in comparison to blue topaz. Since blue topaz stones are extremely rare in nature, most of blue topaz gemstones available in the market are heat treated white topaz irradiated to gain the blue hue. On astrological ground, treated stones are not considered effective to harness the planetary energies. Therefore, aquamarine is more preferred since it is easily available in natural form. Astrologers also recommend amethyst and iolite as the substitute of blue sapphire. But primary gemstones are always better to get maximum benefits and quicker results in comparison to upratnas or substitutes. Substitutes are usually recommended for people with serious budget constraints. 
Quality of Beruj stone depends on several factors. As a rule, superior quality aquamarine displays pure blue hue, minimum inclusions, smooth texture and high luster. But before evaluating the quality of this gemstone, it is crucial to understand the major purpose and personal buying preference. On gemological basis, aquamarine physical properties like the color and clarity make Brazilian origin, the most desirable for astrological purpose. However, some people prefer to choose blue-green aquamarine from Sri Lanka to customize jewelry. It is always recommended to purchase lab tested aquamarine whether online or from offline stores to avoid the chances of getting duped by the dealers.

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