Creating space for the thoughts of prosperity and making my luck are ways in which I welcome wealth and abundance into my life. 
Aventurine is derived from the Italian word ‘a ventura’, which means by chance, a hint of the good fortune that can be found in this stone. The spiritual meaning of Aventurine is ‘heart healer’. It activates love, appreciation, and harmony by linking to the Anahata Chakra, the Heart Chakra. This stone is also known as the “Stone of opportunity” as this stone also lends one an attitude of success and reinforces the ability to reach one’s goals. This stone is used for astrological, healing and Feng Shui proposes.  

Aquamarine: A throat chakra gemstone
A throat chakra gemstone is considered to unblock or balance the throat chakra. It is known that the throat chakra is a center of communication, emotion, and creativity. It affects your ability to express your thoughts and be honest. When the throat chakra is imbalanced or blocked, people will feel shy and uneasy around other people. This can also result in physical problems, such as a sore throat, thyroid problems, mouth ulcers, etc. The stone aquamarine purifies the mind, encourages honesty, and helps connect with hidden emotions.
The Stone of Courage and Protection
Gemstones such as this one facilitate improved communication and the resolution of anxiety related to communication. Businessmen, entrepreneurs, sailors, and military men who frequently travel abroad are recommended to use Aquamarine to ensure that they are well guided and safe on their journeys.

Sailor’s Stone
Sailing cultures used aquamarine for good luck and protection during ancient times. A sailboat’s journey across stormy seas is more safe and prosperous in the presence of it. Additionally, sea merchants carried the stone in their pockets to avoid drowning fear. 
Professional benefits
By improving confidence and judgment, this stone helps you to make better decisions. It is especially beneficial to people working in professions that require a lot of authority and exposure to large numbers of people, such as the judiciary, the media, politics, public relations, etc. In addition, Aquamarine assists people in achieving results by alleviating procrastination, financial difficulties, and other business-related obstacles.

Marital Relationships
Europe once considered it the stone of love and concord, and as a valuable addition to loving relationships. It is beneficial for couples facing disagreements and a lack of understanding in their relationships. It can also be worn to restore harmony and love between spouses in marriage.

Day, Time, and Metal for Aquamarine:
It is recommended to wear Aquamarine stone on Saturday between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m. during Shukla Paksha. It would be best to wear in silver but white gold and platinum can also be preferred.
Pooja, Mantra, and Finger:
If the gemstone is set in a ring then it should be worn on the middle finger of the working hand. The gemstone should be washed with sacred water i.e. Ganga Jal or cow’s milk to purify it from all the negativity. Also, the mantra for the same is ‘Om Sham Shanicharya Namaha’ ऊँ शं शनैश्चराय नमः । (108 times).

Who can wear the gemstone?
In India, Aquamarine is considered to be the birthstone for March and is recommended by astrologers to strengthen the weak Saturn of the individual. According to Indian astrology, Aquamarine can be worn by those with Aquarius sign (कुंभ राशि) and Capricorn sign(मकर राशि).   It is considered the birthstone for Aries zodiac sign by western astrology. 

In India, the price of an Aquamarine stone varies from Rs. 700 ($10.75) to Rs. 15000 ($230). Additionally, aquamarine stone prices can be influenced by various factors including origin, cut, color, clarity, carat weight, and treatment. The following are some factors to consider.

Aquamarine from Brazil is the most expensive among all forms of aquamarine, due to its rich hues and high clarity. Additionally, despite its slightly greenish tint, Sri Lankan Aquamarine also commands a decent price due to its distinct clarity. 
Several stones display the cat’s eye effect or the star effect and are rare and expensive. 

Aquamarine’s color plays a significant role in determining its quality and price. Iron is the chemical component that gives the aquamarine stone its brilliant blue hue. These stones are generally found with a green tint when mined. Aquamarines are always more valuable and expensive when they are pure, intense, deep and, bright blue, rather than pale and dull. 
Note- When aquamarines have different color tints in them, they tend to degrade in quality and become less valuable.
Aquamarine’s color and luster s enhanced by excellent cut. Aquamarines with high facets command a higher price in the market owing to their luster and the costs associated with the cutting price. However, the cost and quality of round and oval cabochons are lower. 

Aquamarines naturally contain fewer inclusions than other gemstones. If present, the inclusions have the ability to appear as a milky cloud or mica plate, typically compromising the clarity and luster, impacting the price significantly. However, a high-quality aquamarine is eye-clean and extremely transparent.

Carat Weight-
Large aquamarines are more readily available, as smaller gems with evenly distributed colors are hard to find. Therefore, a small-sized gemstone with an evenly distributed color will be rare and expensive. 
Please note that it is difficult to use aquamarines above 25 carats as jewelry, so the price per carat drops progressively. 

Aquamarines have a slight green cast when mined, which ultimately decreases their value. The aquamarine crystals are irradiated so they obtain a pure blue hue. However, the value of a natural pure blue aquamarine will always outweigh that of a treated stone of the same quality. 

Aquamarine is greatly affected by various factors such as origin, cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Here is the list of the following factors.

Aquamarine is found in-
Sri Lanka
United States of America
The Santa Maria Aquamarine gemstone from Brazil is the most desirable gemstone due to its exceptional clarity. Also preferable are the Santa Maria Africana Aquamarines and the Espirito Aquamarines are known for their high-quality color and clarity. The high transparency of Sri Lankan Aquamarine also appeals to some people. 

The color of the aquamarine stone plays a major role in determining its quality. Depending on its chemical composition and its color intensity, aquamarine has a color spectrum of blue to deep blue, slightly greenish-blue to dark greenish blue. The darker and purer the blue appearance of the stone, the higher the value it holds. Poor-quality aquamarines have a paler color and dull sparkle. 

According to clarity standards, Aquamarines are graded as Type 1 gemstones. The majority of specimens are considered clean and have only minor inclusions when mined. However, there are plenty of rough aquamarines with inclusions that make the stone appear opaque and dull. 

It is the cut of aquamarine that determines its luster and brilliance. When compared with round and oval aquamarine stones, faceted cuts give the stone greater sparkle and brilliance. 

Carat Weight-
The price per carat increases with the increase in carat size. Moreover, it is available from very small sizes to very large ones. 

Brazilian aquamarine and Sri Lankan (Ceylon) aquamarine are considered best for astrological purposes because most of the gemstones mined from these geographical locations are rich in color and display optimum transparency in comparison to other origins. Explore our rich catalogue containing more than 90 unique aquamarine pieces collected by our expert gemologists from reputed mining locations.
The prices of aquamarines vary sharply based on its quality. The quality is determine primarily by color and clarity, but also by cut, carat weight and origin (Since aquamarine crystals are available in large sizes, price per carat doesn’t shoot up as much for large pieces, as in other gemstones!) However, understanding valuation of a gemstone is an art that can take a lifetime. Even merchants in the trade, deal with complicated issue like deciphering the shade of the blue color (prices can jump significantly on an aquamarine being slightly bluer than another piece). As a buyer, you are best advised to research options with merchants with transparent pricing policies. At Zodiacgems, photos and videos of different qualities, allow an online buyer to better understand the price of an aquamarine. The Aquamarine Prices section of our page is a good starting point to do this research.
Aquamarine is always a better astrological substitute (upratna) of blue sapphire in comparison to blue topaz. Since blue topaz stones are extremely rare in nature, most of blue topaz gemstones available in the market are heat treated white topaz irradiated to gain the blue hue. On astrological ground, treated stones are not considered effective to harness the planetary energies. Therefore, aquamarine is more preferred since it is easily available in natural form. Astrologers also recommend amethyst and iolite as the substitute of blue sapphire. But primary gemstones are always better to get maximum benefits and quicker results in comparison to upratnas or substitutes. Substitutes are usually recommended for people with serious budget constraints. 
Quality of Beruj stone depends on several factors. As a rule, superior quality aquamarine displays pure blue hue, minimum inclusions, smooth texture and high luster. But before evaluating the quality of this gemstone, it is crucial to understand the major purpose and personal buying preference. On gemological basis, aquamarine physical properties like the color and clarity make Brazilian origin, the most desirable for astrological purpose. However, some people prefer to choose blue-green aquamarine from Sri Lanka to customize jewelry. It is always recommended to purchase lab tested aquamarine whether online or from offline stores to avoid the chances of getting duped by the dealers.

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