In the midst of chaos, the Amethyst stone affirms one’s calm and peace.
Amethyst stone belongs to the group of crystals called quartz. It is the most popular variety among them. According to ancient Greek concepts, Amethyst is derived from the word ‘amethystos’ which means intoxicated. It connotes the idea of maintaining a sober mindset.

The Greeks believed that amethyst was crystallized rock that had been stained purple by the tears of Dionysus, the God of wine and revelry. It is believed that the ancient Egyptians used this stone as a symbol for the goat zodiac sign. Traditionally, the goat served as the antidote for wine, as it was considered an enemy of vines and vineyards.  

Amethyst helps to cure paralysis, bone cancer, and arthritis.
The stone is effective for people who are trying to stop smoking, drinking, and taking drugs.
It also eases the nervous system and promotes cellular regeneration. 
In addition to promoting hormonal balance, it also benefits the endocrine system.

It brings material comforts and financial security.
This stone enhances mental focus, concentration, and memory. 
It helps researchers, scholars to think logically and creatively.
It calms weak, fragile, and anxious minds. 
Amethyst restores a broken or lost relationship. 
The stone cures insomnia, anxiety, fear, and depression.
Additionally, it heals grief and despair. 

These stones stimulate the third eye thus awakening one’s intuition. 
It also activates the crown chakras for spiritual awareness and higher consciousness.

Day, Time, and Metal for Amethyst:
It is recommended to wear Amethyst stone on Saturday after sunset. It would be best to wear it in a silver ring. Also, yellow gold is not a suitable setting for Amethyst gemstones. 

Pooja, Mantra, and Finger:
If the stone is set in a ring then it should be worn on the middle finger of the working hand. The stone should be washed with sacred water i.e. Ganga Jal or cow’s milk to purify it from all the negativity. Also, the mantra for the same is ‘Om Sham Shanicharya Namaha’ ऊँ शं शनैश्चराय नमः । (108 times)

Who can wear the gemstone?
In India, Amethyst is the birthstone for February (Pisces sun sign) and can be worn by those with Capricorn(मकर) and Aquarius(कुंभ) rashi/sign. You may also wear it if your ascendant or rising sign is Gemini, Virgo, and, Taurus.

Amethyst’s price in India ranges from Rs. 150 ($2) per carat to Rs. 400 ($7) per carat. Color is the largest factor affecting the price of a stone, but there are other factors as well. Here’s the list of the following- 

Amethyst from Brazil and Africa is popular and expensive as a result of their high color quality which is a major factor to determine these stone’s price and quality. 

Amethyst stone prices are largely determined by this factor. An intense purple color stone with a reddish and bluish tone commands a higher price on the market than a lighter or darker stone. Additionally, the price of an amethyst stone decreases if it has brown color tints or color zones. 

Amethysts are classified as Type 2 on clarity standards meaning they have few inclusions. However, they can sometimes have brownish-red needles or L-shaped bands, which can reduce the value of Amethysts. Eye-clean stones with good color quality command higher prices in the market.  

Cut and Shape-
Amethysts with highly faceted surfaces allow the light to shine through and highlight the color of the stone while there is also a possibility of concealing inclusions. Additionally, faceted stones, as opposed to cabochons will be more expensive due to the waste generated in the cutting process. 

Carat Weight-
With Amethyst’s abundant availability, its prices are not affected by carat weight significantly, which is why large Amethyst is popular too.  

Amethysts are not subject to extensive treatment because they are readily available, but some treatments are used to enhance their clarity and color. Natural amethyst stones will be more expensive than those that have been treated. 

Amethyst is primarily distinguished by its color. However, other factors will also help a customer make an informed decision. The following factors contribute to the quality of this stone.

Amethyst is found in
Sri Lanka
In terms of popularity, African amethyst holds first place due to its rich purple color, followed by Zambian and Brazilian gems in raspberry color.
Amethyst has a brilliant purple color. Violent hues in the stone range from a pale lilac to a deep, royal purple, ranging from a brownish color to one that is highly vibrant. For most people, an Amethyst is most preferred when it is strongly saturated dark purple to reddish-purple. If the color is too dark, it might appear black in low light conditions. The value of the stone is reduced by brownish or bronze color tints or color zoning.  

Amethyst is found in needles or L-shaped inclusions, which is most commonly present in African material, especially in Zambian material, but it is accepted by customers due to its high saturation of raspberry hues. Although Amethyst is graded as Type-2 on clarity standards, indicating it is naturally cleaner than other gemstones; eye-clean stones are more valuable than others.

Cut and shape-
Amethyst comes in different shapes, such as rounds, ovals, pears, and emerald cuts. The stone has also been cut into shapes such as marquise, cushions, and others. In this regard, triangular and kite-shaped cuts are considered ideal, as they are highly faceted.

Carat Weight-
Amethysts of varying carat weights do not dramatically affect price, which is why large amethysts are also preferred. 

As Amethyst is sufficiently available, it is not prone to synthetic processing or treatments, but surface-reaching fractures still need to be factures filled to improve apparent clarity, while heat treatments are used to enhance colors. Therefore, natural amethyst tends to be valuable and compatible to a greater degree than treated or synthetic ones. 

In Gemology, Amethyst is recognized as a naturally occurring, purple colored semi-precious gemstone of Quartz mineral family. Green Amethyst on the other hand is not a different gemstone but the outcome of intense heat treatment done to change amethyst color from purple to green. 
African Amethyst is considered best for astrological use because of its intense, true purple color. However, since Brazilian and Siberian Amethysts are good enough in quality as well, they can also be worn. Considering that Amethyst is not too expensive yet important astrologically, we would like to advise our customers to wear high quality Amethyst which is color-consistent and inclusion free to receive maximum benefits.
Amethyst is recognized in Vedic astrology as the substitute or upratna of blue sapphire which means it is capable of delivering results but not without having certain repercussions. However, it is slower to give results for the same.

It is always recommended to purchase an Amethyst certified by an independent gem testing laboratory.
Zodiac Gems is one of the leading providers of loose gemstones and coloured gemstone jewellery online. We always provide 100% natural original gemstones only, along with genuine Lab Certificates.
(Beware! Fake labs do exist). 

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