Amethyst is a violet hued, semi-precious gemstone from the Quartz mineral family. As an astrological substitute to the Blue Sapphire, it is often adorned to overcome financial stress, professional instability and unhealthy addictions.  Being a robust gemstone (Moh’s hardness-7) and abundantly available in nature

Amethyst (meaning Jamuniya, Katela or Ketela in Hindi) is associated with the planet of Saturn. It is worn to strengthen weaker Saturn as well as to benefit from its favorable occupation in a person’s horoscope. 
Vedic astrology prescribes Jamuniya ratna for Makar (Capricorn) and Kumbh (Aquarius) rashi. Amethyst can also be worn by Gemini, Virgo and Taurus, while in Western astrology it is prescribed to Pisces. Suitable ascendants are Gemini, Virgo, Taurus.
Amethyst is quite popular for its ability to calm restless and distracted minds and thus is highly beneficial in improving wearer’s productivity. The following are additional benefits;
Cures addictive tendencies
Revives lost fortunes and relationships.
Tranquilizes anxious minds.
Clears mental blockages
Improves hair, teeth and bone health
Detoxification and cellular regeneration 

Amethyst is used in jewellery on a commercial scale and its prices are influenced more by the color and less by other factors. Yet origin, cut and clarity also carry some degree of influence on its prices. 
Amethyst price per carat in India usually starts from Rs. 150 ($2) and can go up to 400 ($7).
Brazilian Amethyst prices range between Rs. 300 to 400 per carat ($4 to $6)
Note: Gemstone prices in India are calculated both in carats as well as ratti, as they both amount to the same. 
1Ratti=0.91 Carats

The quality of an Amethyst is defined mainly by its colour. However, having prior knowledge of other factors can help you select the best possible option and buy Amethyst online as per your preference.

Colour-  The colour of an Amethyst may range from a light pink-violet to deep purple. The finest quality Amethyst displays a vividly saturated purple color (with or without red tints) and lacks color zoning (or inconsistent colour distribution) completely. Deep purple Amethysts with slight red and blue hues draw higher pricing than their too dark or too light counterparts. Beware of color zoning as it can marginally reduce Amethyst’s cost on a per carat basis.

Clarity- Amethyst is graded as Type-2 gemstone on clarity standards, implying it is naturally cleaner than other precious gemstones. A transparent Amethyst without visible inclusions emanates light and colour better than the translucent ones.  Largely free of visible inclusions, when present they may appear like reddish brown needles or L-shaped bands and can reduce the overall worth of Amethyst.

Cut & Shape- An expertly cut Amethyst not only illuminates the colour and light better but can cleverly conceal the inclusions. Faceted gemstones are expensive than cabochons because of the stone wastage that incurs in the process. On similar grounds, if overall quality is retained, round and oval shapes are cheaper than square or other customized shapes.

Carat Weight - One may not find an exponential increase in the price of an Amethyst vis-a-vis the carat weight, as it is abundantly available in nature unlike other precious gemstones.
Treatment- Due to its abundance, Amethyst is not that vulnerable to profiteering practices like synthetic processing or treatments. However, it may still be subjected to fracture filling or color enhancement measures. 

Origin-Amethyst mines are found in Russia, Zambia, India, Brazil, Myanmar, Madagascar, Mexico and Sri Lanka. However, rich purple color associated with the African Amethyst makes it exceptionally popular. Zambian and Brazilian amethyst are other famous Amethyst origins because of their radiant raspberry purple color.

In Gemology, Amethyst is recognized as a naturally occurring, purple colored semi-precious gemstone of Quartz mineral family. Green Amethyst on the other hand is not a different gemstone but the outcome of intense heat treatment done to change amethyst color from purple to green. 
African Amethyst is considered best for astrological use because of its intense, true purple color. However, since Brazilian and Siberian Amethysts are good enough in quality as well, they can also be worn. Considering that Amethyst is not too expensive yet important astrologically, we would like to advise our customers to wear high quality Amethyst which is color-consistent and inclusion free to receive maximum benefits.
Amethyst is recognized in Vedic astrology as the substitute or upratna of blue sapphire which means it is capable of delivering results but not without having certain repercussions. However, it is slower to give results for the same.

It is always recommended to purchase an Amethyst certified by an independent gem testing laboratory.
Zodiac Gems is one of the leading providers of loose gemstones and coloured gemstone jewellery online. We always provide 100% natural original gemstones only, along with genuine Lab Certificates.
(Beware! Fake labs do exist). 

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